A Look at Different Yacht Types

By September 17, 2015 Boat, Yacht

Plenty of different yacht types about in the present day, with the most fundamental difference being whether they are powered by an engine, the wind or a combination of both. There are also yachts which are for private leisure use, in contrast with those used for racing. Here’s a look at different yacht types:

Modern Sailing Yachts

Modern sailing yachts usually boast the same space, comfort levels and facilities as a motor yacht, however with the added appeal of being able to open up its sails and go where the wind takes you. These yachts appeal more to genuine sailors, who would rather go about their seaward journeys in a traditional way. Rigging equipment and the sails themselves, varying from yacht to yacht, can be operated manually or electronically.

Classing Sailing Yachts

While modern sailing yachts can of course allow for exciting sailing and an unforgettable experience, those with a strong passion for sailing tend to prefer classic sailing yachts, because they allow for something much more authentic to be experienced. These yacht capture the romance and thrill of yachting. They tend to compromise on on board space, luxury and comfort when compared to both modern sailing yachts and motor yachts.


A superyacht is a superyacht because of two distinct things, namely its size and having a full-time crew. Any vessel which is less than 24 metres in length cannot be considered a superyacht, simply because it is too small. A superyacht is also usually associated with very high purchase and maintenance costs and can boast any number of features, from swimming pools to cinemas. Distinctions between sail and power are not usually made when defining a superyacht, with The Maltese Falcon being an example of a sail superyacht, and the Eclipse being one of a power superyacht.

Large Motor Yachts

Large motor yachts measure less than, but not much less than, 24 metres and are ideal for families and large groups. As a general rule, they have more on-board space than a similarly-sized sailing yacht has, which also makes them suitable for entertaining. As their name suggests, they have an engine or engines and they are usually equipped with things such as Jacuzzis, entertainment facilities and water sports equipment.

Performance Motor Yachts

This kind of yacht is of a similar size to a large motor yacht, however with one key difference – they are designed to go fast. This means that their engines are large and their shapes very aerodynamic relative to their less performance-oriented counterparts. These yachts are for thrills out at sea, combining luxury with a bona-fide adrenaline rush. Noticeable for their distinctive style, they are the distinctive, expensive luxury sports cars of the sea.


Catamarans are an interesting alternative to all of the above, because their flat centres make them ideal for getting plenty of people on board for a party! They are also great for accessing remote areas, as they tend to be highly manoeuvrable. Powered by a combination of sail and motor, they glide through the waves with ease.