A Bedroom Cleaning Checklist To Make Home Cleaning Easier

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Last week, we’ve brought you a kitchen cleaning checklist perfected by our cleaning professionals here at Briiz. After seeing the interest in that post, this week we decided to do a bedroom cleaning checklist with the hopes of making your home cleaning chores that little bit easier.

As an on-demand cleaning company, we value doing our cleaning chores the best way they can be done, and also in the least amount of time.As a person who’s also probably very busy with other tasks such as yourself, we are sure this mini-guided checklist will come in handy for you, so here goes:

Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist To Make House Cleaning Easier

This checklist, like our previous one, will be divided into daily, weekly and monthly tasks with the reason being not to waste time on unnecessary cleaning chores.

Obviously, you can seek out the help of our cleaning professionals to help you with your cleaning chores around the house so if you think we can assist you in any way, feel free to get in touch with us or use our all new online booking engine to book a cleaning appointment with Briiz.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily Bedroom Tasks

Make The Bed

A simple task to start off your day in a productive manner should always be making your bed.

This will not only set the tone for a productive morning but also make your bedroom look much cleaner and neat with this job that takes just a few minutes.

Fold Or Hang Your Clothes

If you have any clothes lying about, then taking a quick 5 minutes out your day to put them away will not make much difference to your time, but a world of difference in your bedroom.

Put Away Your Accessories

Clothes, watches, jewelry and other accessories. Chances are that at this very moment, there are some things that are not in their usual place.

Go put them away and get in the habit of leaving your bedroom clutter free:

Pick Up Clutter

Although in a bedroom you might not find as much clutter as in a kitchen, clutter does pile up everywhere so taking a few minutes of your day to handle this problem will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Weekly Bedroom Tasks


Dust gets everywhere even if you keep all your windows closed – you should know that by now if you’ve been living in Malta more than 2 days.

As part of your weekly bedroom cleaning checklist, add “dusting” as part of your tasks. The good thing about dust is that if you maintain it regularly, it won’t be that bad to clean.

Take Out That Vacuum

Got carpets in your bedroom? Take out the vacuum if you have one every week or so and give them a quick cleaning. This will take seconds but it will do wonders for keeping your bedroom sparkling.

Wash Sheets

Yes, your bed sheets should be washed on a weekly basis – shocking, but it’s true.

Think about it; you’re having full body contact with your sheets for around 8hrs a day so yes, they do get dirty and yes, you do need to clean them.

Monthly Bedroom Tasks

Check For Cobwebs

Looking into room corners and under your bed, chances are there are some cobwebs that should not be there.

This is not something that you do not need to do often, but you should do it every month (or couple of months).

Clean Your Blinds / Curtains

We already talked about dust and how it can get everywhere thus it’s a good thing to mention that dusting off and wiping your blinds or curtains is also a good way to minimize dust buildup in your bedroom.

Wipe Down Floors

Floors in the bedroom, unlike in the kitchen won’t get dirty often so you’ll be safe to give them a good wipe every month at the very least.

Sanitise Switch Panes

We mentioned this in our previous post but it’s good to mention again; switchboards are not as clean as you think they are so a monthly wipe-down with sanitizer is recommended to keep these often overlooked items safe and clean.

Wipe Down Furniture

Any furniture you have in your bedroom should also be kept clean, and yes we are talking about under, above and behind as well (no cheating).

You don’t want to let this pile up as the longer you leave it, the bigger the job it will be.

Get Briiz To Help With Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

As part of our home cleaning service, bedroom cleaning is obviously included so if you think we can assist you with your bedroom cleaning chores, be sure to get in touch with us.

We look forward to helping you make cleaning a Briiz in your life.

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