How to Care for Your Wool Carpets

By October 25, 2017 Cleaning, Interior, Tips
how to take care of your wool carpet

Wool Care

Now that we’re getting ready to get those carpets out it’s good to have some idea of how to care for them.

There’s a good chance that they are going to be stained one way or another and you are going to have to vacuum at least once a week.

There’s a good chance that your carpets are a wool mix. They will feel soft and cushy.

Whilst they look (and feel) really nice and cosy, they are also really practical.

– The fibres are natural

– The fibres are from a renewable and environmentally-friendly source

– They are non-allergic, as they naturally deter bacteria and dust mites

– They are naturally flame resistant

For these reasons, especially due to the fact that many children and adults suffer from asthma nowadays and carpets are not recommended.

Carpets are also handy to have around as they really cosy the house up and will reduce the costs on heating. We are not used to having wall-to-wall carpeting yet it is good to have some placed around the house in your open areas.

These open spaces are perfect for carpets as they are the spaces you use most and they are easy to vacuum without the hassle of removing too much furniture.

How to care for woollen products

From sweaters to cushions to carpets, wool isn’t the easiest material to keep clean. Here are a few tips to care for woollen rugs properly.

– Cushion them

An extra layering with a rug pad will make the carpet feel extra squishy, as well as prevent it from slipping from under you.

This pad acts as a buffer between the rug and the floor that will keep it from wearing through. You can choose a thin foam one for rugs with a longer pile, while a super cushy felt for thin rugs.

– Rotation

If you’re placing it in a high traffic location – in the corridor, in the living room, between sofas, next to your bed – it is ideal to rotate it once in awhile.

Since you’re going to be vacuuming them pretty often you might as well rotate them after you’ve given them a good clean every few weeks.

You might also wish to switch their location whilst you’re at it.

– Vacuuming

Frequent, low-impact vacuuming is essential. A high-power vacuuming will only damage your pieces.

When you’re cleaning wool you will want to double check that your settings do not include a spinning brush, so that it’s gentle enough.

– Beat it

When you get your carpet out of storage and before you put it in you might want to hang it and beat the dust out of it. Seeing that our dust levels are high it will be a good thing to do and not skip on.

Use a rug beater, designed for the task. If you do not own one you can also use the clean end of a broom.

– Spot cleaning

Once in awhile you might want to give it a good clean but do so with caution.

You will find that many vintage woollen rugs will be vegetable-dyed, so their colours might bleed with any use of soap so you might want to test a small patch.

If the spot test bleeds then stick to water. Don’t go using any harsh chemicals on wool.

– Seek a professional

If you have some serious stains on your wool you might want to seek the help of a professional.

It is best to do so, rather than just mess it up even more.

A professional will actually place your wool rug in a bath of cold water along with a gentle cleaning solution.

Then it is left to dry in a warm and shady location.