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How Briiz Office Cleaning Service Can Improve Your Business

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Office cleaning isn’t simply a matter of routine necessity. Keeping your office neat and tidy can actually help improve your business.

Cleaning is often the furthest thing from our minds. At home, it’s a chore, and at the office, there are far more important things that you feel should be on your mind. But keeping your physical environment in order is important.

Even in the digital age, many of our interactions involve the physical space around us, and when that space is in disarray, it can affect the way we work.  So, give it a little thought and you’ll soon come to the conclusion that office cleaning is an essential service.

Avoid Hassles with Good Organisation

You can picture the scenario. You’re in the middle of an important phone call and you’d like to take a brief note. But your pen is not where you left it and your notepad is nowhere to be seen. Alternatively, you need to get to the printer, but first, you’ve got to negotiate piles of trash and misplaced boxes.

Cluttered desk

The moral of the story is that a poorly organised office space creates an unnecessary hassle for you and your coworkers. When you want to be deeply involved in the process of work, having to negotiate the physical trials of misplaced objects and a messy office can hamper that process. Distractions caused by a messy environment stop you being involved in your work and hamper your overall productivity.

Making a Good Impression

Impressions count, and no matter what anyone tells you, physical appearances matter. If your work environment is messy, people will assume the same of your business practices. Without really thinking about it, people form lasting impressions based on the environment they find themselves in.

When a client steps into a clean, spacious office, they’ll leave with a totally different impression of your business than if they were forced to contend with a disorganised, dirty space. Nothing speaks to a lack of professionalism more than a grimy, messy office. You might have the best employees in the world and an awesome track record, but none of that will matter if your office looks like a bomb site.

Think of office cleaning as an aspect of your marketing and PR strategy. You wouldn’t think about putting out sloppy marketing materials, so why represent your business with a messy office space?

Hiring a cleaning service to create a pleasant office environment implies a certain level of professionality. Office cleaning, Malta or elsewhere, is an essential consideration when running a business.

Tidy Office – Happy Employees

Tidy Desk

Having a tidy office also makes a great impression on your employees. A messy environment has a knock on for productivity in that it creates obstacles to efficiency, but it also has a psychological effect.

People tend to think less clearly when they are working in a disorganised environment. Dirty working conditions also make people unhappy, pure and simple. A clean, spacious environment does wonders for an individual’s mood.

The office isn’t high on the list of places we want to be on a Monday morning, but that’s especially true when we dislike the environment in which we are working. Providing a clean and habitable office space can help mitigate this Monday morning effect by creating a space that employees look forward to occupying.

Paying attention to these aesthetic details seems trivial at first, but it becomes a priority when you consider the deeper implications of having a messy workspace.

Save Money by Hiring Professionals

The last thing to remember when considering how office cleaning can help improve your business is the financial gain. It might not be immediately clear how hiring professionals might save you money, but it’s a classic case of spending money to save money in the long run.

Maintenance is the surest way to help improve the longevity of your office space. Keep everything tidy and in order and you won’t have to face expensive bills for replacing floors or curtains further on down the line.

People looking to save money often make the mistake of scrimping on maintenance. They buy cheap clothes or avoid buying products like shoe polish or car wax – the inevitable result being that they soon end up replacing poorly looked after products. The same principle applies to office cleaning.

Hiring a professional makes financial sense when you consider the long-term costs of buying cleaning products too. You should also think about the financial cost of your time. Does it make sense for you to be cleaning, or could you be making more money doing something else?

So, to make a good impression, save money, and ensure the mental health of your employees, office cleaning is, ideally with Briiz, is the way to go!

Pre-Listing Cleaning Checklist To Follow If You Want To Sell Your Home

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Are you listing your home for sale and you think it could do with some cleaning before you start showing it around?

You are right; as studies have proven over and over again, making sure your home is as clean as it can be before showing it to potential buyers is often, a deciding factor.

We’ve asked some of the real estate agents that often use Briiz for their home cleaning agents about this, and they replied that yes, a home that is perceived as properly “taken care” by potential buyers will often sell much easier (and surprisingly, at a higher price).

So, with that in mind, today at Briiz we decided to compile a pre-listing cleaning checklist you can follow if you’re starting to accept open-house visits with the intent to sell.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us here at Briiz for a hassle-free, professional cleaning of your home.

Pre-Listing Cleaning Checklist

Throughout The House

Clean Dusty Vents & Fan Blades

These often get overlooked and often go unnoticed, but a potential buyer will be scanning for these little things. Taking a few minutes to clean these off will not take you too much time, but they can make a world of difference for your buyer.

Clean Windows

A home with dirty windows will automatically appear less attractive. It gives the feeling that the house was not taken care of and if the windows are dirty, most probably everything else is.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

As we always say, clutter is the #1 enemy preventing you from keeping a clean home. Take some time to de-clutter and get everything out of the way that shouldn’t be there and you will instantly see, feel the difference.

The Kitchen Area

Scrub Your Kitchen Sink

Just like dirty windows, a dirt sink (especially if it’s filled with old, dirty dishes) is an immediate turn off to a buyer so make sure that everything is wiped down, sterilised and looking fresh.

Put Away All Your (Clean) Dishes

We’re all guilty of this; letting dishes dry off on the kitchen sink but ideally, if you are expecting potential buyers to your home, make sure you do this quick 5-minute task.

Wipe Down Appliances

A dirty refrigerator, a stained oven and a sticky drawer are not appealing to anyone.

For potential buyers, this is a sign that the home has been neglected and seeing as how the appliances weren’t taken care of, it might also raise the question whether they need to buy new appliances thus increasing expenses.

This may lead to people not wanting to go that “extra mile” with their investment.

Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Make Your Bed

Everybody should do this every day and not only when you are tidying up for when guests arrive.

A fun fact about making your bed in first thing in the morning is that it shifts your mindset to “productive mode”, thus being able to achieve more throughout your day.

Moving on.

Add A Clean Scent

If you happen to have pets, or maybe you allow yourself to smoke indoors, you may not know this, but there is a lingering smell that your nose got used to.

So, whenever you’re are expecting buyers and/or guests to your home, it’s great to make sure the house smells clean.

This can be done through many ways, but using an air freshener or even a cheap scented candle will do the trick.

Miscellaneous / Outdoor Areas

Clean Up After Your Pets

Although adorable, pets are usually messy creatures. Not going for the worst case scenario here, but there might be your dog’s fur everywhere, and this is also something that switches on the “mental alarm” system for potential buyers.

Make sure that everything pet related is out of the way and out of sight.

Last but not least;

Wipe Down Front Door

The first visual point of contact for your potential buyer will obviously be your front door, and although it may not be dirty, it doesn’t hurt to give it a good cleaning before you invite anybody over.

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading. We hope you’ve found this pre-listing cleaning checklist useful, and we hope you manage to sell your house in no time.

Just remember that a clean home is a happy home. If you’d like for us to clean your home, we’d be happy to. You can use our brand-new online booking engine to get our professional cleaners to do this job for you.

Talk soon.


Restaurant Cleaning Services: 8 Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Clean

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When they come into your restaurant, people expect the food to be served using clean dishes, plates and glassware and the place to be clean and sanitary.

Although running a restaurant might be exciting, very few of us like to clean the floors, curtains or window blinds. As part of our commercial cleaning services that we offer, a restaurant cleaning service seemed like a perfect for to offer our customers.

Today we are bringing you some of our best tips on how to keep your restaurant clean. Further down we’d also be telling you how we can help you keep up with all your restaurant’s cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Create Checklist Duties For All Employees

It is important too that these chores are put into plan and divided according to various employees to share the load, so they are not left unattended whilst the restaurant is in operation.

Whatever strategy is used, having employees who take pride and ownership of their workplaces to keep their areas clean is the best shot to go for, since it will be an “ingrained culture” within the restaurant and avoid management having to chase and remind employees to go over these chores.

A senior employee can also offer weekly or by-weekly cleaning checklists to manage the cleaning tasks amongst employees, possibly having some of them being rotated amongst employees.

Clean (As You Go)

The “Clean as you go” approach keeps your cleaning tasks under control and your restaurant looking more presentable.

You should brush down the grills between orders, whilst prep areas should be kept tidy and clean.

Meat, fish, and vegetables should have their own separate cutting board to avoid cross contamination, and boards should be also be removed and washed often.

Cleaning water and cleaning cloths should be changed frequently.

Create Hourly Tasks

Washroom and toilets should be cleaned every hour in order to keep hygiene standard as high as possible. Make sure you clean ‘touch points’ with disinfectants such as handles, switches, and fittings.

Also, make sure you maintain things functioning such as fixtures, taps, toilet seats, mirrors and grouting between tiles since these are prone to bacteria.

Tiles can be cleaned with hard –bristle grout brush which is specifically designed for the purpose.

Create Weekly Tasks

Each week all employees should change the food in the walk-in fridge then wash and sanitize it thoroughly.

It is more organized if you assign one task for each for each day of the week, for example, sanitize sinks on Tuesdays, drains on Wednesdays, and other appliances such as ovens and coffee machines on Thursday.

Weekly tasks should include;

  • Empty coolers and wash and sanitize them
  • Delime sinks
  • Clean coffee machine
  • Clean the ovens. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on this particular job.
  • Sharpen knives
  • Use drain cleaners on floor drains

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

You can organize yourself and your employees for the monthly tasks too. These could include ice machines, freezers, storage areas, walls, floors, and ceilings.

A gantt chart can be created to map out the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.

Monthly tasks could include but are not limited to:

  • Wash behind the oven, stove and fryers to cut down on grease build up, which is a major fire hazard,
  • Clean freezers,
  • Calibrate the ovens and thermometers,
  • Wash walls and ceilings,
  • Clean the dry storage area,
  • Check your first aid kit and see if it needs restocking.

Stock and Storage

Check expiry dates of products and ingredients from the storage cupboard/room. It’s also important to build quality of the shelves for safety, whether containers are still airtight and labeling is up to date.


Make sure your tables, chairs and restaurant furniture look as brand-new.

For outdoor wooden furniture use teak oil and for indoors touch up any surface scratches and keep upholstery clean should they be present in your restaurant.

Powerwash Outside Floor

The outside area of your restaurant business provides a very important first impressions particularly for walkers by to decide to choose to come inside your restaurant instead of the others especially if you are in a busy central area with many options to choose from.

Food that falls on the floor and not immediately cleaned can be stuck on the floor which requires cold water pressure washer to blast the dirt and stuck food.

Trust Briiz With Your Restaurant Cleaning

Briiz Cleaning Malta

If you’d like to disregard all these tips and simply “outsource” your restaurant’s cleaning service, we can help you.

As part of our commercial cleaning services, this is something that we also offer so if we can help you in anyway with restaurant cleaning, do not hesitate to give us a call so we can schedule your next cleaning appointment.

10 Things To Consider When Ironing Your Clothes

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The secret about ironing is that one needs to be aware of the combination of the many things that could make the difference between a great ironing job and an ok-ish job.

For instance; one has to know how to apply the right amount of pressure together with the right amount of steam that comes out of the iron.

Having a good quality iron is also key, however, the way the iron is applied and the way the heat is balanced on the material is also important.

In this post, we are going to share the 10 things to consider when ironing your clothes, the Briiz way.

Things To Consider When Ironing Your Clothes

Use The Right Amount Of Heat

With reference to heat, certain sensitive fabrics (such as silk) should have less heat than other materials. Our next point should help you with that.

Read Your Garment Instructions

Before you start ironing, read the garment instructions and should this be missing, you can check with the standard ironing temperature setting chart that gives an idea of different temperatures for the various fabrics on the market.

Choosing The Right Ironing Board

If your iron board is not adjustable, make sure it is at the hip level if the person ironing is standing up. If you have an adjustable ironing board, this is ideal if you prefer to iron standing up or sitting down.

Go For A Modern Ironing Board

If your iron board is the more traditional, heavyweight iron board, you might consider the more modern foldable lightweight metal board for storage and functionality purposes.

Consider The Material Of The Ironing Board

It is best to cover the iron boards with material that has non-stick qualities, which prevent surfaces from sticking to the board.

Reflective surfaces also can be used to transfer the heat back into the clothes which makes the ironing task faster and easier.

Watch For Sleeve Attachments

Sleeve attachment is a small 2 feet long and around 6 inches wide extension that can be fitted to the iron board for ironing sleeves.

This will help you in doing the right way long sleeves for a much better ironing job.

Consider A Built-In Iron Board

There is also a built-in ironing board that can be built into a drawer or cabinet in the laundry room will save on space.

Sprinkle Water On Clothes Before Ironing

It is ideal to iron clothes whilst they are slightly damp unless you have material that you want completely dry due to water stains.

To add dampness, sprinkle the material lightly with water or use ironing spray like starch and / or moisture.

Instead of spraying water directly on clothes, another alternative is to use a damp cloth, especially when ironing materials like lace and wool.

Please note that delicate fabrics should never have direct contact with the iron.

Make Ironing Fun

Set your ironing board in front of the tv or put your favorite music on. If you have children in the house you can also give them the task to spray water on the clothes with water pistols (just to keep them busy)

BONUS TIP: Get Briiz For All Your Ironing Tasks

At Briiz, we’ve just launched our new ironing service where you can disregard all the tips you’ve just read and leave the job up to the professionals.

For more information about our ironing service, please see our cleaning services page or get in touch with us.

We’d love to help you keep a clean home, the Briiz way!

Thank you for reading.


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Window Cleaning Service In Malta By Briiz: Coming Soon

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In our last post, we promised you that we will continue to be pushing the limits when it comes to cleaning services in Malta and we are keeping true to those promises.

Our latest cleaning service is a glass / window cleaning service that we will be launching very, very soon in Malta in the coming days.

Why Window Cleaning?

This has been something we’ve been working on for a while now because yes, there are already window cleaning services available in Malta, but at Briiz, we like to “make things better” so that is why we took our time in perfecting this process so we can provide the best service we possibly can.

This is very exciting for us and we can’t wait to launch it to the public in the coming days. Once launched, you will be able to book a regular service through the online forms on our website which you can read about here.

(You can see all our cleaning services here)

Who Will Be Needing This Service?

This new service is available for everybody in Malta but we are sure this is something the following entities could really make use of:

  • Commercial / car showrooms.
  • Shop owners with display windows.
  • Residential buildings.
  • Restaurants & eateries.
  • Office buildings and so on.

Our 6-Step Process For Spotless Window Cleaning

The process will be similar to what we already do with the other cleaning services that we offer.

  1. You have dirty windows,
  2. Visit our services page,
  3. Book with our easy-to-use online booking process,
  4. Submit your details,
  5. Receive a confirmation email from us,
  6. Enjoy having clean windows!

Simple enough right?

Why Choose Briiz Window Cleaning

  • Fully trained cleaning professionals.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Multiple services to keep your home and business sparkling throughout the year.
  • High-end bespoke cleaning services.
  • Fully insured cleaners.

More About Our Window Cleaning Professionals

As always we will be sending our highly vetted, professionally trained and fully insured professionals to do the job, thus making sure that you get the best value for money and full satisfaction with the cleaning job we do.

You can see what our customers are saying about our services on Facebook.

The Right Tools For The Right Job

At Briiz, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products that are hand-picked from the best products available on the market.

Stay Tuned For More

This window cleaning service is the latest service that we’re offering but we promise you: it won’t be the last.

Coming up soon we have some exciting projects coming up and all new services too so stay tuned to Briiz, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our email list for exclusive offers.

We look forward to working with you and bringing the “fresh Briiz attitude” to your house and business.

For more information about this service or any other inquiries, please contact us here.

Talk soon.


PS: Have you seen our latest cleaning tips from the blog:

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How To Order A Cleaning Service Online In Malta

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Everything can be ordered online nowadays and we are proud to say that Briiz is on the frontline to providing a service where booking a cleaning service online can be done with just a few simple clicks.

With Briiz being your “go-to” place for booking cleaning appointments for your house and / or business, there will be no need to call every time you need a cleaner and no need to complicate issues more than they have to be.

All you have to do is fill out the 6 steps we have to book your cleaning appointment online (which we’ll explain in this post) and then leave it up to us.

We’ll show up to your door on the dates selected, we bring all our own supplies and get the job done like no other.

Types Of Cleaning Services You Can Book Online

At Briiz we currently offer these types of cleaning services and all can all be booked online with our easy process:

Pick Your Desired Cleaning Service

office cleaning, home cleaning, post construction cleaning

On our website, you will find a list of all the cleaning services we offer and that you can book online. Simply click the “Learn More” button on the service to start the 6=step process of booking online

The 6 Steps You Need To Book A Cleaning Service Online

Step 1: Choose Your Cleaning Type

select cleaning type

Cleaning types depend on the service you choose but the process is similar for every cleaning service you choose. Your first step should look something like this:

Step 2: Pick How How Frequently You Want To Book Us

This feature will allow you to choose how often you’d like us to come clean for you. Here are the 4 options we currently offer:

  • One time only
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly (most recommended)
  • Monthly

Step 3: Select The Number Of Rooms On The Property

All you have to do on this page is to enter how many rooms you have on your property.

This is just for us to figure out how many cleaners we need to send and how many supplies we should bring.

Step 4: Insert Size Of Property In Square Meters

Please let us know roughly how big (in square meters) is the location you’d want us to clean:

Step 5: Enter Your Contact Information

This step is necessary so we know where to send our cleaners and where to contact you to confirm your order.

Details to fill in on this step is:

  • Name & Surname
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Coupon Code (if you have one)

Step 6: Confirm Your Order

Congratulations, you’ve reached the last step of the process.

All you have to do here is to look over the information listed on the page, confirm it and hit the “Request Quote” Button.

Somebody from the team will contact you via email once we receive your order to confirm the date.

Locations Where You Can Book An Appointment:

This online service is available for the locations listed below but in time, more will be added:

  • Malta North
  • Malta Central
  • Malta South
  • Malta Sliema & St Julians

Keep checking back with us, give us a call to request a location and even try joining our email list to be updated automatically when we do.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Briiz

We say strive to be the best in the cleaning industry in Malta but of course; us saying it is not enough.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us and also who we are currently working with:

Customer Reviews | briiz

Briiz customer reviews 2

Major Clients That Trust Briiz With Keeping Their Working Space Fresh:

Contact Briiz For More Information

If you have would like some more information or you’re having any difficulties with our online booking process, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can walk you through it.

You can see our contact page for ways to get in touch with Briiz.

Thank you very much for stopping by. You can see more from the Briiz blog here. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Briiz Office Cleaning Malta

8 Office Cleaning Ideas To Create A Better Working Enviorment

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At Briiz, apart from office cleaning being one of our many services that we offer, we also make sure that we keep our own offices and working space super clean.

Over time, we have developed (and perfected) a strict office cleaning regimen that allows us to not only keep a safe and clean working space but also cut the time, energy and resources needed to keep an office space clean.

In today’s post, we want to highlight and bring to your attention some office cleaning ideas to create a better working environment for you, your company and your employees

Keeping a clean office, although it can get quite challenging (especially if you have a lot of staff in the office) but I assure you it’s worth the effort and with these following 8 tips, we’re going to make this mission a little A LOT easier for you.

Let’s get into it…

Office Cleaning Ideas

Less Paper, More Digital

It’s late 2016 at the time of writing this so I am sure you know that most “paperwork” that in previous years would’ve taken a lot of space in your office can now be stored in software that’s easily accessible to anyone that needs to see it.

Minimising paper use is yes, a great way to keep the earth clean and save trees but it also minimizes clutter in your office space which as I am sure you know; clutter is the first step to having a disorganized and messy office space.

Invest in tools that will minimize your paperwork needed to run your daily activities and your battle against a messy office is half done already.

Plus I am sure you would agree that having everything on “digital paper” rather than “physical paper” is a much more modern, organized and easy way to keep your files.

Software like Google Drive or Evernote can really help with this but there are much more options to choose from.

Educate Your Staff

One thing you can also start enforcing educating your staff on how to keep their own office space clean meaning no clutter, no rubbish and no leftover lunch scattered everywhere.

If everybody pulls his own weight and cleans after himself then you’re instantly in a much better position to be able to pull off having (and maintaining) a clean office

Assign A Place For Everything

Everything should have its designated place in the office and you and your staff should know where everything goes after it has been used.

This is a huge factor to curb unnecessary clutter building up in the office. Everything should be kept in place when not in use and returned to that place when done with.

As you will see from the remainder of this post, it’s little tips and hacks like this that will have the biggest factor in keeping a clean office.

Empty Waste Baskets Everyday

Have you ever forgotten to take out the trash? Yeah, that smell you’re thinking about is what exactly you do not need in your office.

Make sure that somebody has the task of cleaning out the wastebaskets every day (Briiz can help with that). I know it’s not a glamorous job but it’s extremely important to clear out waste every day, especially if it has organic food (like the kitchen area bin for example).

While we already talked about how you should be minimizing paperwork, if you have any designated bins for paper / office supplies then make sure these get taken out regularly as well, preferably to a recycling bin.

Keeping the office clean is important, but so is keeping the planet clean!

Bring In Nature

An often overlooked factor when decorating an office is the use of plants and even flowers if possible.

Make sure you include a few plants in the working space as it brings with it a lot of benefits to the workplace such as:

  • Keeps the air clean,
  • Keeps the environment smelling and looking great, and
  • It’s also visually pleasing to the staff! (Fun fact: plants have been proven to lower stress in the workplace).

Disinfect Your RestRooms

The “office” is not just the main area where people work, it also involves the areas that are used by the staff. Case in point; the restrooms.

Your office’s restrooms can get very “not clean”, very quickly so it’s important to keep in mind that this area is something that should be high priority on your cleaning to-do list

Always keep all the products you need in the restroom (like antiseptic cleaning products) to make sure your restrooms are always looking clean and fresh.

An air freshener may also come in handy in there too.

Bin Things Not In Use

Not used it in a while? Make sure this is not something you’ll be needing soon (or ever at all) and if so, chuck it away.

You do not want unused things to take up space and collect dust, that will make the job of keeping a clean office an uphill battle so whatever you do not use / need, get rid of it.

Remember; simplicity is key and clutter is the enemy.

Make A Cleaning Schedule And Hire A Weekly Cleaner

Office Cleaning services briiz

Now that you have read all our office cleaning tips you’ll ever need, remember that just “knowing this” is not enough.

This is something that should be scheduled in week after week and followed religiously to keep your office sparkly clean.

That is why we recommend you have a schedule and a plan on how you should tackle this. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us here and let us know what your needs are.

We do provide office cleaning services to our clients so if you’re looking for somebody to take over the responsibility of keeping your office clean, then let us know.

We offer our services all over Malta through our vetted, qualified and professional cleaners with hassle free online booking also being an option.

For more information about our office cleaning services and price rats, please visit our cleaning services page and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any Qs.

Briiz: The Cleaning Company

Briiz Commercial Cleaning malta

Your Clean Home by Briiz Home Cleaning Services

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Life is short and why waste it on doing menial tasks which take up most of your personal time? If your feel like your free time is never enough – we understand you! Briiz Home Cleaning Services has been conceived and strives to make sure that we rid you of this burden and make sure that everything is spic and span whilst giving you the freedom that you have worked so hard for. If you are looking for a reliable home cleaning service in Malta, then look no further.

A Clean Home is a Must

Here at Briiz, we understand the importance of keeping a clean home, especially if you have children at home who need to live in a clean environment. It is also certainly true that there are far more important and enjoyable things to do in your life rather than worrying about keeping your home clean! This is especially true in light of today’s struggle with having a good work and life balance.

Do You Wish You Had More Time On Your Hands?

If you would like to return to a clean home after a long day at work and spend the rest of your day doing the stuff you enjoy the most, Briiz Home Cleaning Services can help you out! Briiz is able to offer the tired victims of society a premium service designed to give you the best peace of mind out there.

This will allow you to dedicate your precious time to do the things you enjoy the most and leave your home cleaning to the professionals! We are able to offer our clients a customisable cleaning schedule according to one’s needs, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or deep home cleaning services.

Why Would You Trust Someone In Your Home?

Briiz has laid down a thorough screening process on all its employees. All background checks are in place to make sure that we only employ the most reliable and hardworking professionals for all our home cleaning services. In addition to that, we went a further step and made sure that all of our professional cleaners are insured.

We also make it our mission at Briiz Home Cleaning Services to make sure that our cleaners receive adequate training and are fully capable of handling any home cleaning job which you might require of us.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Briiz’s business model.

Book a Clean for Your Home from Your Home

Briiz has worked incessantly to build an online platform where customers can easily book their next home cleaning service! All of this can be done from the comfort of your home via our website: Our website is constantly being modified based on customer feedback in order to make it more user-friendly and easier for our customers to book a home clean from the comfort of their sofa.

Briiz Home Cleaning Services Customer Care

At Briiz Home Cleaning Services, we have a customer centric department which is equipped with helping you out with all your needs. The Briiz Team Happiness can be contacted via Facebook or via the phone – +356 99113197 from Monday to Friday from 08:00AM to 17:00PM.

Briiz Cleaning Malta

Dirty Offices – Briiz Office Cleaning Service

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When you think of a dirty work environment, offices are certainly not the first that comes to mind. Sure, desks can get a little cluttered and the kitchen can get messy, but you’d be surprised to find out where office grime actually lies. Here is a list of some of the dirtiest places in your office compiled by the kings of clean, Briiz office cleaning service team:

Your Keyboard

Quite possibly the dirtiest place in your office is right under your fingertips. The workplace keyboard can have 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. To begin with, it is often touched throughout the day, so wherever those fingers have been, it’s likely the computer keyboard has been there too. People rarely think to clean the keyboard, which is unfortunate because it clearly serves as a breeding ground for all the germs collected.

Your Desk

Indeed, it might look clean but most of the time you don’t clean it as properly as you should. If your keyboard is dirty, which we know it is, then this is going to also effect the cleanliness of your desk. That’s why it is important to clean your desk with a good quality disinfecting solution as regularly as possible. Having a clean desk will also improve employee health since the environment they’re working in is as germ-free as possible. Briiz office cleaning service includes a thorough desk clean, but don’t worry we won’t move anything out of its place without checking first.

Refrigerator Handle

More often that not we open the refrigerator without thinking of the germs that are residing on our own hands – so we don’t bother washing our hands before using the fridge. Consequently the fridge handle is quite a hotspot for germs. The only way to avoid this is to ask your people to wash their hands before opening the door of fridge. Realistically this isn’t a practical solution, that’s why it is important to hire an office cleaning service to keep your office germ free.

The Bathroom Door Handle

Whether you accept it or not, some of your employees go to the bathroom, and come back without even washing their hands at all. As a result of this they leave millions of microbes on the inner knob of the bathroom door and these microbes travel from one person to another. In order to avoid this issue and to keep that area clean it is strongly recommended that bathroom door handles are thoroughly disinfected Experts suggest you clean the bathroom five times a day, this is quite a tough task unless you have a professional office cleaning service to take care of it.

Briiz Office Cleaning Service

Keeping an office clean is hard work, that’s why you need Briiz office cleaning service. Our range of office cleaning services and our professional team will ensure your office is as clean as possible, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day business.

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World’s Most Expensive Villas: 5 Of The Most Beautiful Places To Live

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There’s villas and then there’s super luxurious villas – whether it’s owning a private island or a private ranch some of the most expensive villas in the world will definitely leave you wanting to relocate. Here’s a look at the most expensive villas compiled by the team who brings you Briiz’s villa cleaning service:

Franchuk Villa

It’s hardly surprising that real estate prices in London are amongst the most expensive in the world – and with a hefty price tag one would expect some quality real estate. That’s exactly where Franchuk Villa comes in! With a movie theatre, indoor swimming pool, sauna and gym this villa seems more like a luxury hotel than a home. With a villa as big as this one you better have a team that’s ready to clean and maintain the house.

Hearst Mansion

If a conventional villa just won’t do perhaps a castle would be more to your liking. Featured in the Godfather movie and honeymoon destination for US President J.F. Kennedy it’s no wonder that Hearst Mansion is known for being one of the world’s most expensive villas. The large home has 29 rooms – that’s plenty of room for entertaining. If you’re thinking of buying this property you better think again as the cost of having a staff to run it is more than many of us would earn in a lifetime. Luckily if you want a villa cleaning Briiz will be more than happy to help – and it definitely won’t cost a fortune.

Villa Leopolda

Right on the French Riviera is the largest French villa – Villa Leopolda. Spread across an 18-acre estate the large, we mean massive, villa has been featured in the ballet classic The Red Shoes and Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief. Being the largest French villa in the world of course comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention the staff needed to take care of such a large estate and deal with the villa cleaning.

Antilia Building

This 400,000 square foot family home, yes we did say family home, is 27 stories high! If you thought the size of this family villa was surprising well prepare for more as it also has a garage suitable for 168 cars, 9 elevators in the lobby and of course 3 helipads on the roof, that is a villa cleaning that could possibly need an army of cleaners to complete. With a home this size we bet the Ambani family have a team of cleaners around the clock to clean their home.

Buckingham Palace

Ok so Buckingham Palace may need a palace cleaning rather than a villa cleaning. Not quite a villa and more of a palace but with a price tag of over £1 billion we couldn’t stop ourselves from putting this on the list. With 775 rooms, 188 of which are staff rooms – plenty of cleaners there we’re sure-, 92 offices, 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. Well we suppose when you’re the queen you need plenty of space to entertain!

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