Decluttering Your Kitchen

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Kitchens can be the messiest and most cluttered of rooms, even when you try so hard to keep everything in place. When cooking, you just can’t help it can you?! You just end up using so many things…only to realize the mess when you (or your family) get to washing the utensils.

So how can you cut down, and simply use the essentials in the kitchen?


The ProcessKitchen

When it comes to decluttering, first focus on duplicate items you might have. You’re thinking you don’t have any but let it sink in…you do have. Now you might have a perfectly good reason to have more than one utensil that does the same thing – you might need more than one carrot scraper, for when others help you cook dinner, but how often does that happen?

So, ditch your doubles, keeping the one you go for most. Usually there’s always one you use more often, either because it does the job better or because of some sentimental value.

Whilst we’re on the issue of sentimental value, some things have been handed down and you want to keep and treasure them. Yet, if you’re not actually using the item get it out of your drawer and exhibit it – you’ll appreciate it more anyway!


You’re the expert of your kitchen, so these are the things to ask yourself…



Sugar pots

What’s in your drawers?

– First:

Do you have too many single-purpose items?

Does everything work as it’s supposed to?

Are there some you never use – because they might be too specialized or for some other reason?

Can you just use a knife?


Kitchen Standard

– The specific items:

Vegetable scrapers: are you using them and how many do you have?

Rolling pins: are you collecting rather than using these?

Cookie cutter: if you’re not baking or you don’t use them any more then it’s time to give them away. If anything just keep a handful that you know are good.

Graters: you don’t want to have one for Parmesan and one for nutmeg, so make sure you just have one that’s comfortable and can grate just about everything.

Measuring cups: these do tend to add up, and you think you’re going to use most of them but let’s face it it’s a rarity.

Corkscrews: if you keep one (or two) you’re going to be sorted.

Citrus squeezers: the colorful ones, the different sizes…just go for the stainless steel one.

Ugly utensils: we all have them, but seriously ditch them – you’re not even going to use them!


Coffee, Tea, Sugar pots

What’s on your counter/in your cabinets?

Knives: which are never used?

Platters and serving pieces: again if you have multiple ones then keep the one or two you use the most.

Fruit bowls: are you actually using them? Do you have more than one out?

Appliances: are they taking up precious counter space? If they’re in your cabinets then make sure you’re actually using them every so often.

Pasta holders: do you use them or are they just there to fill counter space?

Utensil organizers: just have one or two out, any more means you have way too many utensils.


What’s in your freezer?

Being a good organizer is essential when it comes to your fridge and freezer.

Most importantly, make sure everything in your freezer is labelled and dated.

Also see that you have everything in it’s place, always.


PotsWhat’s in your pantry?

First of all you want to fill your pantry with nice and fresh spices, nuts, cereals, pastas and the like. Try to stay away from a lot of canned food, yet some are needed.

Use canned food as soon as you can and go through them once in awhile to make sure there aren’t many old ones there.

Do you have any plastic containers without lids?

How many aprons do you own and use?

Similarly, how many dish towels do you have and which ones are you actually using?

Once you’re done with going through your counters and your cupboards, create a few bags to divide your things. You’d want to throw some things out and give others away to a charity shop, for example.



Be a ruthless editor of what you allow in your kitchen

Kitchen cans

Clean Workplace

A Clean Workplace Is A Happy Workplace

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When your workplace is cluttered, it can clutter your mind too. Working in a healthy and clean environment can help you be more productive. It’ll help you focus more on what is important. To get a tidy desk there are just a few things you need to do to achieve this.  With these office cleaning tips you will manage your papers, overload on paperclips, pens that don’t work any longer and the annoying dust which never seems to go away and make your workplace a happy workplace.

Organize your paper work

Paper work is a big issue in almost every workplace. They are everywhere and sometimes it can drive you crazy. You can’t even see your desk anymore and you have no space to work.

Clean up all of the paper and organize them in a map, or colour code them so it’ll help you find things faster. Or just throw them out. 40 % of the papers you are saving are not that important. This can make you think clearer when you don’t have to look for them all the time.

Toss the useless pens

You probably have plenty of pens on your desk you might never use and only 2 of 10 are working. Why should you keep them?

Toss the ones that are not working any longer. They only take a lot of space on your desk. Place the rest of them in a holder near your computer. This will add a bit of personalization to your space.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

You probably have a lot of stuff on your desk you have never have never used before.

Decoration on your desk might look nice but there are limits. Only use things that are actually necessary. For example, set up a lamp on your desk, maybe a calendar, printer and a telephone.

But refrain from putting too many things as it can be very distracted during working. Your workspace doesn’t have to look sterile but if you are not using it move it off your desk.

Use a desk organizer

This is perfect to store your pens and pencils, extension cards, batteries, tape and sticky notes. Before storing, think of how many times you might these items them and then give them all a zone on your desk.

Keep your incoming and outcoming e-mail in order, organize them by date or subject so the situation doesn’t get messy and you don’t get confused.

Wipe down the dust

After a long week of working, your desk and electronics can get really filthy. This can cause the accumulation of bacteria which is very unhygienic.

Therefore, start your week by wiping down your desk, your computer, keyboard, printer and your phone.

Not a single spot of dust should be left on your electronics!

A daily cleaning checklist

Make yourself a cleaning checklist to follow every week to make sure your desk won’t be a mess at the end of the week. Or just simply clean up every day after you finished your work. It will set up for a clean start the next morning.

For example:

– Replace your papers in the colour coded maps and place them in a drawer.

– Don’t leave any rubbish on your desk.

– Empty the trash bins.

Not only can you make yourself happy with a clean workplace, but your colleagues will really appreciate it. If everyone does his part to clean up the office a bit, it will become a place where everyone can happily work on their projects. And there will be a better motivating working atmosphere, without any stress floating around in the office.

With these tips, you will be able to create a better productive environment for your and those around you!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful!

Check out some of our other blog posts about  How To Organize Your Kitchen and How To Clean Your Electronics.

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kitchen chalkboards

Why Have A Kitchen Chalkboard?

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Chalkboards – what’s the craze about?!

They’re simply great, but why? What’s so special about them that makes them worthy to be in so many modern and classic kitchens, and even studies and corridors now?

kitchen chalkboards

As simple as their design is, so is their purpose. Chalkboards are going back to basics, quite literally. They are a great creative space – if you have kids in the house, or if you don’t these boards work for all ages.

You might even just want to use them as decorations during your events. They just add that personal touch.

What is it about them

In what sense are they a creative space?

If you have it in your kitchen then you’re really going to use it to keep track of your weekly schedule, so that everyone can remember what’s going on and it will be easier to divide chores too!

So as neat as this kind of a board can be, the better. This doesn’t mean that you can’t doodle, just keep the writing legible.

– We will be dealing with chalkboard calligraphy soon!

If you have a wall in your study or in your child’s playroom, then it’s a different story. You can and usually have to go wild, that’s the whole point of such a wall.


If it’s taking a break or brainstorming something you’re working on you can afford to be a bit crazy and all over the place. All you do is swipe it off once you don’t need it there anymore.


Chalkboards are especially good for children as it allows them to really feel (the chalk itself has a particularly beautiful texture) and work with something and visualize whatever is going on in their minds.

Nailing chalkboard calligraphy 

You might be wary of writing on your boards, and you do have reason to be. You don’t want to waste more time worrying about how the writing looks than getting things done.

Remember chalkboards are great for:

– Writing an inspirational quote to hang in your space

– Labelling food and drinks at a party

– Menus and place settings at a dinner

– Labelling herbs in your garden

– Seasonal signage in your home

– and of course…your timetables

The key is in the pen

Either classic chalk or a chalk pen

There are various places you can buy chalk at and there are a number of brands too. Keep in mind that classical chalk is great for temporary projects, those you might want to erase quickly. Pens tend to have a cleaner look and last for longer.


When it comes to sharpening your classic chalk always use one blade from your scissors or a knife. You’re going to get better results with a pointy chalk than one with a blunt or square end.


To erase your writing/drawings you want to make use of a magic eraser – it completely removes all marks and residue. Or else go for a damp cloth!

To erase your writing/drawings you want to make use of a magic eraser – it completely removes all marks and residue.


Whether you’re writing in print or calligraphy cursive it’s up to you. Get a bit of practise in and you’re sure to get the hang of it.

A few tips for cursive writing:

  1. Since calligraphy is not as fluid as classic cursive, keep in mind that each letter you write should be an individual character, so don’t try to connect them like you would your signature. Just write the letters separately and connect them at the ends.


  1. After you’ve written and connected your letters, go back and darken your down-strokes. Your upward strokes should remain as thin as possible.


  1. Practice, practice, practice

Print writing:

If you’d rather go for print-style writing then your options are wide open. Make it fun and funky, try to look up different fonts and replicate them.

How to make your own chalk

The appeal of a matte black chalkboard is that they’re fun and yet also sophisticated. What will make them even more interesting is going for (or making) different coloured chalk – move away from the usual white and primary colours. How about creating your favourite colour for your board?


The process of making chalk is a little messier than cleaning it off the board itself. It’s a great activity to do by yourself or with the kids, so get ready to get messy!


Experiment with colours as well as sizes. From pencil thick to thumb size; faded and pastel shades of greens, rich blues to moody greys.

The Paint

When it comes to the shade just squirt as much colour as you need till you like what you’re seeing. Since chalk base is white, a small amount of colour will make a pastel.

Remember, dark colours might be nice yet the lighter the better they look on the chalkboard.

What you’ll need:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Warm water
  • Tempera or acrylic paint
  • Wax paper
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic zippered quart bags

How to make it:

1. Mix up a batch of chalk.

Use a ratio of 1 part warm water to 1 1/2 parts Plaster of Paris. Then stir together as much wet chalk as you want in a certain colour. Add paint, squirt by squirt, until you get a shade you’re happy with. Keep stirring until the colour is evenly distributed and any lumps have been mashed away.

2. Roll tubes of wax paper to pipe the chalk into.

If you’re aiming for small chalk sticks or chunkier ones, roll the wax paper accordingly.

Choose whatever width you want, and then tape one end closed using masking tape (flattening it to do so will result in a sharpened point, which will actually be a useful edge for writing).

3. Pipe the chalk into the tubes.

Spoon your wet chalk mixture into a plastic bag, zip it shut, then snip the corner to make a piping bag. Use that to squeeze it into the prepared wax tubes, tape them together anywhere they need a little added support to stay rolled, then set them upright in a jar to dry.

Let the chalk sticks sit out for a full 24 hours to fully dry, then untape and unroll them, discarding the wax paper, and you’re ready to use!

why book a home cleaning service

Why Book A Home Cleaning Service?

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Life can be busy and unpredictable. We work a lot, and many people can feel stressed, overworked and anxious because of this. Therefore, it’s nice to have a clean house to come home to after a long day. It helps you to focus on the things that are important to you, instead of being bothered by the mess around you.

Here are some reasons why you should book a home cleaning service.

It is Time Saving

Probably the biggest reason why people book a home cleaning service is because it is time saving. Working from Monday to Friday can be exhausting.

So, when you finally have the time off in the weekend, it is nice to do something relaxing and fun – and cleaning your whole house is not exactly exciting.

Not only is time-consuming, but most people don’t enjoy it.

If you book a home cleaning service, you have more time to spend on better things. For example, spending time with family, going to the beach, watching a movie or catching up with friends.

Because You Deserve it!

Whether you’re a parent, a workaholic or a busy person … you deserve a break! Everybody deserves a chance to unwind and relax in the weekend, so why shouldn’t you find some time for yourself?

Maybe do something you like, meet up with that group of friends that you were meant to meet up with ages ago, or just take the time to go for a jog without having to worry about that pile of laundry waiting for you at home or the bath tub that needs a good scrub.

Time is precious, and life is short, so make the best of both whenever you can.

Professional Skills and Products

Dedicated professional cleaners have the skills to clean your place thoroughly, inside-out. They know what they’re doing, use the right products and make sure to get every nook and cranny. No more struggling with your own cleaning supplies. The professional cleaners will take care of it, leaving you a clean, tidy and safe environment to live in.

Malta is a Desert!

Malta is a pretty but dusty place, due to the winds from the south-east as well as the topography, as the island is increasingly becoming a bit of a desert.

This not only causes a lot of dust to accumulate on furniture, but it is also very bad for your health as well.

Dust causes a lot of problems for people who are asthmatic or allergic to dust mites. This is why it is extremely important to have a professional cleaner who knows what to do.

Good Environment for Kids

Kids like to play, and most of the time they have a lot of toys lying around.

Especially toddlers can be very careless with what they pick up and put in their mouth. The last thing you want, is them getting sick because of that.

Having a clean living space for children is also very important since they are more vulnerable to illnesses.

Nice Living Space Overall

Think about it: what is the kind of home you want to arrive to after a long, hard day at work? A cluttered, disorganized mess waiting for a miracle? – Or, a clean and tidy space with the smell of lavender in the air?

Whenever you have a clean house you come home to, you instantly feel more relaxed and it makes you focus on the good things in life. You can take time to cook a nice dinner, spend some time with the people around you and have a good night sleep. It’s all better in a clean house.

Do You Need A Break?

Do you need help with your cleaning routine? Worry not –  we can help! Get in touch with us and we will send our dedicated team of professional cleaners right to your door.

No Fuss, No Stress!

Check out our official BRIIZ Facebook Page to find out more about our services. 

briiz client services

Briiz Client Services

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The New Sign-Up Hub for You 

If you’re an esteemed client of Briiz Cleaning we just wanted to let you know exactly what we are offering you with this new client hub sign-up. We’re just trying to make your life that much easier!

These are the steps you need to follow. It’s all pretty simple, you’ll see!

Step 1 – access the Briiz Website to LOG IN

Search for in your search engine and then click on the blue ‘LOG IN’ button at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Sign-up

A white screen will appear and you can enter your email in the box, located in the centre of the screen.

Now we get to the important bit! 

Step 3 – Requests, Quotes, Invoices 

Depending on what you want to do you can access either: ‘Requests’, ‘Quotes’, or ‘Invoices’. But what are these exactly?


This option allows you to book new cleaning jobs with ease. All you need to do:


Step 1 – click on the Requests tab at the top left panel

Step 2 – click on the green button with ‘new’ written on it

Step 3 – all that is left is to let us know what you need us to do for you. So fill in your details. Tell us where you need us to be (the address), and give us a heads up about what to expect! Just describe what you need from us on this particular job, and we will take it from there 

Step 4 – once you’re done with the description you can select ‘Send Request’ and you’re done.


If you want to check your previous quotes or new ones, simply click on the second tab on the left panel: ‘Quotes’.


All your quotes will appear on this page and you can click on each to view the details. You can also make a request for a new quote too.


We know you might want to check these from time to time, so here they are.

Step 1 – click on the third tab in the left panel: ‘Invoices’

Step 2
– your view your collected invoices

Step 3 – if you want a more detailed view simple click on the one you want to check and you’ll have all the details you need.

And there you have it.

See, we have you covered! If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or follow us on Facebook and send us a message there.

how to make cleaning fun

How To Make Cleaning Fun

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How can one make his or her cleaning ritual fun?

Cleaning is not something you might necessarily associate with fun, yet it needs to be done so we might as well make the most of it…right

No one enjoys coming home to a messy house, or feel like they’re fighting a losing battle with chores.

Here we will have a look at ways to make our daily routines incorporate the essentials when it comes to cleaning:

  • Create your own cleaning products, spice things up a bit!
  • Create different playlists
  • Plan ahead, so make a weekly schedule and don’t worry if you don’t manage it all.

When you’re doing a little everyday the backlog won’t be as bulky as you think!

How do you go about creating a schedule?

Starting the ritual

It might be easier said than done to do chores every single day after work and also schedule what you’re going to do. But this will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Learn to involve everyone who lives in the house in the cleaning schedule. It will distribute the load equally and also teach young kids responsibility – besides it’s more fun to make it a family affair.

 Cleaning Checklist

  • create your schedule around your needs
  • be organized when it comes to everything. From your rooms to what you clean with, this means that you know where things are and what you need
  • dress appropriately when cleaning (so don’t be tempted to stay in your pjs)
  • take the time to create different playlists to use when you’re going to be cleaning or clearing up, or be silent…whatever motivates you
  • put on a candle with a calming scent or create your own infusion (trust me, this is very calming and at the same time energizing)

The Daily essentials


  • make your bed
  • make sure there aren’t clothes out that need to be in the wardrobe


  • clear the bathrooms of clutter
  • place the towels into the laundry baskets
  • clean the sink, countertops and mirrors
  • depending on your needs see if it makes more sense to do the loads on a daily, every-other-day basis or choose a day to do it all (this might involve having heaps though)

Make sure the main areas of the house are free of clutter


  • clean the plates, pots and pans, and the sink
  • clean the countertops
  • clean the exterior of the appliances


  • clear the clutter
  • straighten the furniture
  • wipe away any dust

On a Weekly basis

Do the floors – sweep, mop, vacuum

Schedule one deep-cleaning job per week – if it’s getting to the hob, stovetop, inside of the oven, shower or bath, windows, study, balcony or garden

Declutter! – this is an important one, simply ask yourself: ‘is this item something I use regularly?’ or ‘am I holding onto something I don’t need?’

These questions apply to anything from ornaments to clothing

Practise minimalism

  • keep only the things that you need
  • give the clothes you haven’t worn in two years over to charity
  • appreciate the people you love (they’re more important than your cleaning schedule, prioritize well)
  • go to places or areas in your house that make you happy – often
  • do activities that you enjoy regularly



Once a month

  • Clean out the washing machine
  • Turn out the mattresses and vacuum them

These are just a few tips to get you started and interested!

Cleaning the Green way

The Basics

White vinegar   Baking soda

Lemon juice      Essential oils

Creating your own cleaning products

All purpose – 2tsp baking soda, ½ tsp dishwashing soap, 4tbsp white vinegar, 400ml warm water and mix well

Granite cleaner – ½ c rubbing alcohol, 8 drops dishwashing soap, 2 c warm water and mix well

Glass cleaner – ¼ c rubbing alcohol, ¼ c white vinegar, 1 tbsp cornstarch, 2 c warm water and mix

A black tea brew will also work as a mirror cleaning formula

Experimenting with Essential Oils


  • 2 drops tangerine
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 3 drops cedarwood


  • 2 drops lavender
  • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 2 drops jasmine

Use bergamot, ginger, peppermint, lemongrass as alternatives

… Move the ritual to your workplace – end your day at the office with a bit of a clean-up, this way you will find a clean space waiting for you the next morning.

All this will help you change the way you look at chores and cleaning in general, making it a quicker and more enjoyable task.

Having a cleaner and more organized house will also put you in a brighter mood too.

It’s all a matter of perspective!

how to clean laptop, how to clean keyboard, how to clean screens

Cleaning your Electronics – How to Clean your Electronic Devices

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When we talk about cleaning electronics it’s not just about clearing out your desktop, your inbox, uninstalling apps, categorizing or organizing. There’s more to it and it’s simple…the outside is as important as the inside.

Devices that we use on a day-to-day basis harbour a lot of bacteria, which is not only harmful to the user but also to the functioning of the apparatus.

So whether you are looking to clean your mobile, laptop, wires, television and remotes or keys, tools, handles at home or car devices we have a few tips for you right here.


So if you have any questions about how to clean your laptop or computer screen, how to clean your keyboard, or how to get rid of that annoying dust from inside your devices…


This is how we handle exteriors, in a green way!

Things to keep in mind

Always switch off the device

Try to use the least amount of chemicals as you can – for the benefit of your device and the environment

Many cleaning products will actually damage your electronics, so it is more practical to make your own – just follow the recipe below

Use – avoid wood-based products for cloths like paper towels, microfiber or something that won’t leave streaks is best

The recipe


Equal parts – isopropyl alcohol and distilled water

Feel free to add any herbs, like sage or rosemary

Our mirrors to the digital world

How to clean our device screens. Screens are, in many ways, one of the most important aspects of a device for the user. I hate having a too-smudged or dusty screen, it messes up and just changes how you see the things you’re reading or looking up. It’s like driving round with a dirty windscreen…So what can you do about it?

  • Turn off your device, if it is a television or a monitor make sure it has cooled before you start (Plasma screens tend to generate more heat than LCD sets, so they can take a little longer)
  • Remove screen protectors if you have any
  • Spray mixture on the cloth and clean away
  • Follow up with a dry cloth and dry using soft circular motions

If you’re cleaning your mobile or laptop or camera you might as well go ahead and clean their charging stations too! It will only take a couple of minutes.

Our keys…

For keys and keyboards

  1. Use a can of compressed air with a skinny nozzle (to force anything out from under the keys or tight spots)
  2. Take a soft cloth and dip the corner into a little rubbing alcohol or the spray on our recipe – cloth should not be soaked but damp – and wipe the keyboard
  3. Use a Q-tip/cotton swab and the alcohol to go over the more stubborn areas – high traffic keys might need more of a scrub

Caring for our memory makers  

As with most devices constant maintenance is essential when it comes to the camera you use on a whim or if you’re a professional. Dirt, dust, sand, water, smoke and humidity are considered harmful elements as they as so sensitive to the environment.

Along with using the alcohol and water solution it is best to:

o Wipe down the camera and lens with a soft brush to clear off the dust first

o Then use an air blower

Also, be very careful to never touch the sensor of your camera when opening it up and cleaning with the air blower and swabs

It’s all about changing perspective – changing a chore into a creative challenge.

20 Facts about Bacteria

20 Bacteria Facts You Didn’t Know

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If there’s something we love more than cleaning tips and hacks, it’s definitely learning scientific facts ! For this reason, we have decided to compile 20 of most interesting facts about bacteria to share with our viewers.

1. Wearing headphones for just one hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

Source : eDidYouKnow

2. Bacteria that cause tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis and leprosy can be killed by cashews.

3. Plaque contains 300 species of bacteria.

Source : Healthy Food House

4. Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.

Source: Business Insider

5.  All of the bacteria in our body collectively weighs about 4 pounds.

Source : Popular Science

6. The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Source: Life Hack

7.  There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.

Source: WebMD

8. Your genes cannot be changed, but – the genetic makeup of your bacteria can be altered!


9. Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and protects against tooth decay. (Yay more reason to eat chocolate!)

Source : BBC News

10. A banknote has 3,000 types of bacteria.

Source: Neatorama

11.  Bacteria have the smallest eyeballs in nature but the largest relative to their size.

Source : The Telegraph

12. Bacteria are present in clouds and they make better nucleators to start snow/rain better than dust.

Source : National Geographic News

13. The chlorine in swimming pools isn’t what causes red eyes. It is the chlorine binding to the bacteria in the water.

Source :

14. Airplane tray tables hold more bacteria than most typical household items.

Source :

15. Scientists have very recently discovered a new species of rust-eating bacteria that they fear will eventually destroy the wreck of the Titanic within 20 years. They have named this bacteria Halomonas titanicae after the ship.

Source: BBC

16.  Some 15,152 types of life forms, from insects to bacteria, have been identified on the New York subway.


17. The strongest creatures on Earth are gonorrhoea bacteria. They can pull 100,000 times their own body weight.

Source :

18. Bacteria have been around for at least 3.5 billion years, making them the oldest known life-form on the planet.

Source: Discover Magazine

19. It is observed that male employees cause more bacteria in offices than female employees.


20. Scientists have recently discovered that a baby’s first exposure to bacteria occurs in the womb as the environment is not sterile.


Closing Thoughts

We hope you found this article interesting and instructive !

Check out some of our other blog posts about tips and tricks to make your life easier, including 6 Steps To Ironing A Dress Shirt For Perfect Results and How Often Should You Wash Your Stuff: A Guide On Washing Up By Briiz.

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Shoes Inside Your Home

Is It Ok To Wear Your Shoes Inside Your Home?

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From time to time, a question comes up online that will split “the audience” in half. On some days it’s a blue & black dress that changes colour,  other times its discussing if the toilet roll should go over or under.

Today; we are looking at another heated debate, which is;

Is It Ok To Wear Your Shoes Inside Your Home?

Shoes Inside Your Home

Personally, I am all for keeping your shoes on when indoors. I do it at my home, and I have been this way from seeing my parents with their shoes indoors as well. I do not see any problem with this, but apparently; the internet does, so once we came about this dilemma, we decided to do our research.

Following are some ideas on WHY you should NOT keep your shoes on when going inside you home.

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes Inside Your Home

421,000 Different Types Of Bacteria

Apparently, and please do not freak out, but shoes carry on them (or rather under them?) an incomprehensible amount of bacteria. Some would say close to 421,000 different types of bacteria.

So, the argument here; would you want to bring each and every single one of them inside your home?

It Carries Dirt Indoors

Yes, this argument I can see being valid. The street is not clean. You have dust, dog poop, spit, gum, etc…

Walking around all day in the city would make your shoes undeniably filthy and when you think about it; bringing all this to your “comfy place of rest” is not ideal.

Keeps The Home Cleaner

Also, it’s been proven that families that take off their shoes before entering the home leads to the house staying cleaner for much longer.

Dust, rain and mud can all be carried inside after walking about for just a few seconds so yes, we agree that home cleaning will be much easier if people started taking off their shoes.

Shoes Damage Feet?

There’s also the argument that shoes are not good for the feet and it’s much healthier to give your toes some “air” when inside your home.

While this surely can’t be denied, some prefer giving their feet support and are much more comfortable when wearing something, especially people who suffer from a bad back.

What are your thoughts on this?

3 Rebuttals Of The Above “Rules”

Now that we’ve heard one side of the argument, let’s look at the other side of it a, and that is; 4 reasons why you SHOULD keep your shoes ON when entering your home.

If You Have Pets

Anybody that owns a pet knows that nine times out of ten, there will be some sort of mess when they come home, so wearing shoes inside the home to avoid stepping in something is a valid argument which we agree with.

If You Have Children

Another good point we also agree on is a comment posted online that said since they have kids at the house, it’s safer to wear shoes to avoid stepping on something that might cause you some pain.

While this may be a bit too far-fetched, it’s a good valid point for #TeamShoes


Again; some say that they much rather wear some sort of footwear inside, and for most, it’s a pair of sneakers which provide support and comfort to their feet.

We can’t argue with this, and I honestly think anybody can do whatever he wants with their feet in the comfort of their home.

We Asked The Briiz Staff For Their Opinions…

Now that we heard  both sides of this argument (with some valid points backing up the claims), we decided to ask some of our Briiz employees on what they think, and we’re surprised to see the results;

Most of our staff here at Briiz HQ prefer to wear their shoes inside. The reason for the ones that do not wear shoes was simply “because I was raised that way“.

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

What are your thought on this? Do you wear your shoes inside or do you take them off? And why?

As for our official opinion here, we are still not sure. We see the benefits of both sides, but mostly, we like to keep wearing our shoes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this so be sure to let us know on our Facebook page.

Keeping A Clean Home

One point that we like though, is the fact that taking off your shoes does lead to a clean home “staying clean” for much longer.

That we can’t deny, but we can also help you with keeping a clean home. See our home cleaning services here and if you have any questions, be sure to let us know.

We’d love to help you out (whether you like keeping your shoes on or off when going inside your home).

Thanks for reading.


A Bedroom Cleaning Checklist To Make Home Cleaning Easier

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Last week, we’ve brought you a kitchen cleaning checklist perfected by our cleaning professionals here at Briiz. After seeing the interest in that post, this week we decided to do a bedroom cleaning checklist with the hopes of making your home cleaning chores that little bit easier.

As an on-demand cleaning company, we value doing our cleaning chores the best way they can be done, and also in the least amount of time.As a person who’s also probably very busy with other tasks such as yourself, we are sure this mini-guided checklist will come in handy for you, so here goes:

Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist To Make House Cleaning Easier

This checklist, like our previous one, will be divided into daily, weekly and monthly tasks with the reason being not to waste time on unnecessary cleaning chores.

Obviously, you can seek out the help of our cleaning professionals to help you with your cleaning chores around the house so if you think we can assist you in any way, feel free to get in touch with us or use our all new online booking engine to book a cleaning appointment with Briiz.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily Bedroom Tasks

Make The Bed

A simple task to start off your day in a productive manner should always be making your bed.

This will not only set the tone for a productive morning but also make your bedroom look much cleaner and neat with this job that takes just a few minutes.

Fold Or Hang Your Clothes

If you have any clothes lying about, then taking a quick 5 minutes out your day to put them away will not make much difference to your time, but a world of difference in your bedroom.

Put Away Your Accessories

Clothes, watches, jewelry and other accessories. Chances are that at this very moment, there are some things that are not in their usual place.

Go put them away and get in the habit of leaving your bedroom clutter free:

Pick Up Clutter

Although in a bedroom you might not find as much clutter as in a kitchen, clutter does pile up everywhere so taking a few minutes of your day to handle this problem will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Weekly Bedroom Tasks


Dust gets everywhere even if you keep all your windows closed – you should know that by now if you’ve been living in Malta more than 2 days.

As part of your weekly bedroom cleaning checklist, add “dusting” as part of your tasks. The good thing about dust is that if you maintain it regularly, it won’t be that bad to clean.

Take Out That Vacuum

Got carpets in your bedroom? Take out the vacuum if you have one every week or so and give them a quick cleaning. This will take seconds but it will do wonders for keeping your bedroom sparkling.

Wash Sheets

Yes, your bed sheets should be washed on a weekly basis – shocking, but it’s true.

Think about it; you’re having full body contact with your sheets for around 8hrs a day so yes, they do get dirty and yes, you do need to clean them.

Monthly Bedroom Tasks

Check For Cobwebs

Looking into room corners and under your bed, chances are there are some cobwebs that should not be there.

This is not something that you do not need to do often, but you should do it every month (or couple of months).

Clean Your Blinds / Curtains

We already talked about dust and how it can get everywhere thus it’s a good thing to mention that dusting off and wiping your blinds or curtains is also a good way to minimize dust buildup in your bedroom.

Wipe Down Floors

Floors in the bedroom, unlike in the kitchen won’t get dirty often so you’ll be safe to give them a good wipe every month at the very least.

Sanitise Switch Panes

We mentioned this in our previous post but it’s good to mention again; switchboards are not as clean as you think they are so a monthly wipe-down with sanitizer is recommended to keep these often overlooked items safe and clean.

Wipe Down Furniture

Any furniture you have in your bedroom should also be kept clean, and yes we are talking about under, above and behind as well (no cheating).

You don’t want to let this pile up as the longer you leave it, the bigger the job it will be.

Get Briiz To Help With Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

As part of our home cleaning service, bedroom cleaning is obviously included so if you think we can assist you with your bedroom cleaning chores, be sure to get in touch with us.

We look forward to helping you make cleaning a Briiz in your life.

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