A Clean Workplace Is A Happy Workplace

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Clean Workplace

When your workplace is cluttered, it can clutter your mind too. Working in a healthy and clean environment can help you be more productive. It’ll help you focus more on what is important. To get a tidy desk there are just a few things you need to do to achieve this.  With these office cleaning tips you will manage your papers, overload on paperclips, pens that don’t work any longer and the annoying dust which never seems to go away and make your workplace a happy workplace.

Organize your paper work

Paper work is a big issue in almost every workplace. They are everywhere and sometimes it can drive you crazy. You can’t even see your desk anymore and you have no space to work.

Clean up all of the paper and organize them in a map, or colour code them so it’ll help you find things faster. Or just throw them out. 40 % of the papers you are saving are not that important. This can make you think clearer when you don’t have to look for them all the time.

Toss the useless pens

You probably have plenty of pens on your desk you might never use and only 2 of 10 are working. Why should you keep them?

Toss the ones that are not working any longer. They only take a lot of space on your desk. Place the rest of them in a holder near your computer. This will add a bit of personalization to your space.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

You probably have a lot of stuff on your desk you have never have never used before.

Decoration on your desk might look nice but there are limits. Only use things that are actually necessary. For example, set up a lamp on your desk, maybe a calendar, printer and a telephone.

But refrain from putting too many things as it can be very distracted during working. Your workspace doesn’t have to look sterile but if you are not using it move it off your desk.

Use a desk organizer

This is perfect to store your pens and pencils, extension cards, batteries, tape and sticky notes. Before storing, think of how many times you might these items them and then give them all a zone on your desk.

Keep your incoming and outcoming e-mail in order, organize them by date or subject so the situation doesn’t get messy and you don’t get confused.

Wipe down the dust

After a long week of working, your desk and electronics can get really filthy. This can cause the accumulation of bacteria which is very unhygienic.

Therefore, start your week by wiping down your desk, your computer, keyboard, printer and your phone.

Not a single spot of dust should be left on your electronics!

A daily cleaning checklist

Make yourself a cleaning checklist to follow every week to make sure your desk won’t be a mess at the end of the week. Or just simply clean up every day after you finished your work. It will set up for a clean start the next morning.

For example:

– Replace your papers in the colour coded maps and place them in a drawer.

– Don’t leave any rubbish on your desk.

– Empty the trash bins.

Not only can you make yourself happy with a clean workplace, but your colleagues will really appreciate it. If everyone does his part to clean up the office a bit, it will become a place where everyone can happily work on their projects. And there will be a better motivating working atmosphere, without any stress floating around in the office.

With these tips, you will be able to create a better productive environment for your and those around you!

Closing Thoughts

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