Cleaning your Electronics – How to Clean your Electronic Devices

By July 12, 2017 Tips, Uncategorized
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When we talk about cleaning electronics it’s not just about clearing out your desktop, your inbox, uninstalling apps, categorizing or organizing. There’s more to it and it’s simple…the outside is as important as the inside.

Devices that we use on a day-to-day basis harbour a lot of bacteria, which is not only harmful to the user but also to the functioning of the apparatus.

So whether you are looking to clean your mobile, laptop, wires, television and remotes or keys, tools, handles at home or car devices we have a few tips for you right here.


So if you have any questions about how to clean your laptop or computer screen, how to clean your keyboard, or how to get rid of that annoying dust from inside your devices…


This is how we handle exteriors, in a green way!

Things to keep in mind

Always switch off the device

Try to use the least amount of chemicals as you can – for the benefit of your device and the environment

Many cleaning products will actually damage your electronics, so it is more practical to make your own – just follow the recipe below

Use – avoid wood-based products for cloths like paper towels, microfiber or something that won’t leave streaks is best

The recipe


Equal parts – isopropyl alcohol and distilled water

Feel free to add any herbs, like sage or rosemary

Our mirrors to the digital world

How to clean our device screens. Screens are, in many ways, one of the most important aspects of a device for the user. I hate having a too-smudged or dusty screen, it messes up and just changes how you see the things you’re reading or looking up. It’s like driving round with a dirty windscreen…So what can you do about it?

  • Turn off your device, if it is a television or a monitor make sure it has cooled before you start (Plasma screens tend to generate more heat than LCD sets, so they can take a little longer)
  • Remove screen protectors if you have any
  • Spray mixture on the cloth and clean away
  • Follow up with a dry cloth and dry using soft circular motions

If you’re cleaning your mobile or laptop or camera you might as well go ahead and clean their charging stations too! It will only take a couple of minutes.

Our keys…

For keys and keyboards

  1. Use a can of compressed air with a skinny nozzle (to force anything out from under the keys or tight spots)
  2. Take a soft cloth and dip the corner into a little rubbing alcohol or the spray on our recipe – cloth should not be soaked but damp – and wipe the keyboard
  3. Use a Q-tip/cotton swab and the alcohol to go over the more stubborn areas – high traffic keys might need more of a scrub

Caring for our memory makers  

As with most devices constant maintenance is essential when it comes to the camera you use on a whim or if you’re a professional. Dirt, dust, sand, water, smoke and humidity are considered harmful elements as they as so sensitive to the environment.

Along with using the alcohol and water solution it is best to:

o Wipe down the camera and lens with a soft brush to clear off the dust first

o Then use an air blower

Also, be very careful to never touch the sensor of your camera when opening it up and cleaning with the air blower and swabs

It’s all about changing perspective – changing a chore into a creative challenge.