Decluttering Your Kitchen

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Kitchens can be the messiest and most cluttered of rooms, even when you try so hard to keep everything in place. When cooking, you just can’t help it can you?! You just end up using so many things…only to realize the mess when you (or your family) get to washing the utensils.

So how can you cut down, and simply use the essentials in the kitchen?


The ProcessKitchen

When it comes to decluttering, first focus on duplicate items you might have. You’re thinking you don’t have any but let it sink in…you do have. Now you might have a perfectly good reason to have more than one utensil that does the same thing – you might need more than one carrot scraper, for when others help you cook dinner, but how often does that happen?

So, ditch your doubles, keeping the one you go for most. Usually there’s always one you use more often, either because it does the job better or because of some sentimental value.

Whilst we’re on the issue of sentimental value, some things have been handed down and you want to keep and treasure them. Yet, if you’re not actually using the item get it out of your drawer and exhibit it – you’ll appreciate it more anyway!


You’re the expert of your kitchen, so these are the things to ask yourself…



Sugar pots

What’s in your drawers?

– First:

Do you have too many single-purpose items?

Does everything work as it’s supposed to?

Are there some you never use – because they might be too specialized or for some other reason?

Can you just use a knife?


Kitchen Standard

– The specific items:

Vegetable scrapers: are you using them and how many do you have?

Rolling pins: are you collecting rather than using these?

Cookie cutter: if you’re not baking or you don’t use them any more then it’s time to give them away. If anything just keep a handful that you know are good.

Graters: you don’t want to have one for Parmesan and one for nutmeg, so make sure you just have one that’s comfortable and can grate just about everything.

Measuring cups: these do tend to add up, and you think you’re going to use most of them but let’s face it it’s a rarity.

Corkscrews: if you keep one (or two) you’re going to be sorted.

Citrus squeezers: the colorful ones, the different sizes…just go for the stainless steel one.

Ugly utensils: we all have them, but seriously ditch them – you’re not even going to use them!


Coffee, Tea, Sugar pots

What’s on your counter/in your cabinets?

Knives: which are never used?

Platters and serving pieces: again if you have multiple ones then keep the one or two you use the most.

Fruit bowls: are you actually using them? Do you have more than one out?

Appliances: are they taking up precious counter space? If they’re in your cabinets then make sure you’re actually using them every so often.

Pasta holders: do you use them or are they just there to fill counter space?

Utensil organizers: just have one or two out, any more means you have way too many utensils.


What’s in your freezer?

Being a good organizer is essential when it comes to your fridge and freezer.

Most importantly, make sure everything in your freezer is labelled and dated.

Also see that you have everything in it’s place, always.


PotsWhat’s in your pantry?

First of all you want to fill your pantry with nice and fresh spices, nuts, cereals, pastas and the like. Try to stay away from a lot of canned food, yet some are needed.

Use canned food as soon as you can and go through them once in awhile to make sure there aren’t many old ones there.

Do you have any plastic containers without lids?

How many aprons do you own and use?

Similarly, how many dish towels do you have and which ones are you actually using?

Once you’re done with going through your counters and your cupboards, create a few bags to divide your things. You’d want to throw some things out and give others away to a charity shop, for example.



Be a ruthless editor of what you allow in your kitchen

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