Simple Tips That Will Make Car Wash Eco Friendly

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Car washing might not top your list of imagined environmental risks, but taking a hose to your automobile certainly isn’t the greenest way to wash your car. When you clean your car in the conventional fashion, you’re not only wasting water but washing harmful pollutants into the environment.

When you wash your car, chemicals in the cleaning products you use, along with dirt and grease coating your car, run off of your driveway, into drains, and eventually into the water system. Luckily, you can make your car look brand new without polluting or wasting water.

Here are some eco-friendly car washing tips to help you maintain that shine at a smaller cost to the environment.

Park in a good spot

When you wash your car in the driveway, the chemicals you use inevitably run off the street and end up in storm drains. From there, the chemical-laden water will skip the nearest water treatment plant and be dumped directly into a river or lake somewhere. This is not the case if you wash your car when it’s parked over grass.

The soil underneath your lawn works as a great filter when it comes to removing oil and other nasty elements from your car wash water. So, to minimise the damage you do to the environment when you were your car, park it on the grass.

car cleaning with hosepipe

Of course, you don’t really want to be polluting your lawn either, but it’s a safer spot for chemicals than your local beach. To learn how to cut out the pollutants altogether, read ahead to the car washing tips below.

Save the water

Generally, the hose is the biggest culprit when it comes to wasting water at a domestic level. Ditch the hose and you’ll be saving litres of water per wash and tons of water per year. Instead of spraying down your car with a hose, switch to using a good old fashioned bucket, or even better, a smaller spray bottle.

You can still do a great job with a fraction of the water you’d use with the hose method. Nowadays you can even get waterless products to help you give your car a water-free quality spot clean.

Use homemade detergents

In terms of limiting pollutants, homemade detergents are definitely one of the best ways to go. The number of unnecessary chemicals in commercial car washing products is remarkable, and you can easily achieve the same clean with a homemade recipe.

The best natural car cleaners are window cleaners. You can use these on your car windows of course, but they also work wonders for the main body of your car. As long as you wash them off quickly, they are completely safe for your car, and they’re safe for people and the environment too. That’s because homemade window cleaners are entirely organic. All you need to do is mix equal parts distilled vinegar and tap water into a spray bottle.

Use a dry cloth to get at dirty spots, then wipe your windows down for a streak-free window shine. Vinegar works, as well as the more expensive, and more environmentally harmful shop, bought detergents. Just make sure not to leave vinegar on your body work too long, as it can cause the paint to fade over time.


The same principle can be applied to wax. Most commercial waxes, as you might imagine looking at them, are pretty harmful once they get into the water supply. Luckily you can achieve exactly the same post-wash car shine with natural ingredients that won’t cost the environment.

Simply mix two parts olive oil to one part lemon juice. Not just a tasty salad dressing, this mix can also function as an effective DIY car wax. You can also make a more advanced organic DIY wax using linseed oil, pure carnauba wax, beeswax, and a touch of cider vinegar. Try both out and see which works best for you.

lemon and olive oil

Briiz Eco-Pod

When it comes to cleaning your car in an eco-friendly manner, you needn’t always rely on your DIY skills. Organic waxes and spot cleaning are great, but sometimes you really want a professional clean. Paying for that shine in an eco-friendly manner is possible, you just need to pick the right service.

Briiz provides an eco-pod cleaning service that’s environmentally friendly and easy on your budget. All their eco pods, as the name suggests, are 100% eco-friendly and built with the environment in mind. All Briiz’s products are also developed to provide ultimate protection to your car. Lemon and olive oil does work, but it’s a safe bet that Briiz’s high-quality waxes and sealants will do a more professional job of protecting your vehicle.

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