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By March 1, 2017 Tips

Our main motto at Briiz is to “make cleaning a Briiz”, and we know there are some things that are just hella difficult to clean.

Today, we are going to be sharing with you some of our best home cleaning hacks that will help you tackle those little (annoying) cleaning jobs that rarely come up, but are always a hassle to sort out.

As always, we also encourage you to get in touch with Briiz if you need help with your cleaning chores – we’d love to help, that’s why we’re here.

Salt & Lemons To Clean Your Cooking Boards

Both salt and lemons will be making a repeat occurrence here on this list and for a good reason too; these two put together, or even as stand alone “entities” are one of the best cleaning agents nature provided for us.

These two, along with baking soda (which we’ll talk about next) can be used to clean anything related to your food and cooking.

For example; a great “natural” way to clean your chopping boards would be applying salt and lemon juice and scrubbing them with a wet cloth.

They will be perfectly clean and bacteria free using only organic cleaning “products” that are not detrimental to your health.

Use Baking Soda To Clean… Just About Anything

Baking soda can clean just about everything, and we are sure you’ve heard of the many benefits baking soda can have around the home.

We also published a guide on how to use baking soda to clean your home a few days ago, be sure to check that out if interested.

Use A Razor To Remove Paint From Clothes

Had a bit of a paint job around the house and now your clothes are ruined? Don’t throw them away just yet; a razor can easily “peel” off the paint after it is dried so if you have a few drops on one of your favourite sweaters, no need to panic; get the razors out.

Hair Dryer To Remove Wine Rings From Wood

If you’re anything like me; every day ends with a (doctor approved) glass of wine and yes; my furniture does know this as I do (or rather did) have visible wine rings on the furniture.

The cure for it?

Use baking soda, (again), give it a scrub and then use a hairdryer to dry it out. Unless the stain is too “deep”, it should be easily removed with this great home cleaning hack.

Rough Sea Salt To Clean Burnt Pans

Again; I know we’ve all been here so no need to feel ashamed; it’s a nightmare to clean out burnt food from cooking pots and pans.

But; there is a hack for this too and it comes in using a healthy dose of salt and adding some boiling water to the mix.

Once this “potion” does its magic, it will be much easier to clean and wipe out… just try not to burn the food again next time.

Chalk To Clean Grease Off Clothes

This may not be so commonly known (or used) but yes; you can use chalk to get food grease off your clothes.

Simply scrub some white (ideally) chalk on your grease stain, and then washing it as you normally would in the washing machine,

This may take a few tries, especially of the stain is old, but this method has been proven to work and we sometimes use it as a “trick” to clean stains for our laundry service (but let this stay a secret between us).

Use Toothpaste To Clean Sneakers

Are your sneakers way past their former glory? Do not worry; you can easily clean them with toothpaste (and ideally; an old toothbrush).

The best kind of toothpaste would be the teeth whitening type so if you have that around, give it a go and you will see your sneakers come back to life in front of your eyes.

General Tips And Hacks For Cleaning Your Home


Now that we shared with you some of our best home cleaning hacks; let us give you a few cleaning tips that should help you get (and stay) organised with your home cleaning regiment.

Create Your Cleaning To Do List

Something we always advise for is to create a schedule for your cleaning. Dividing all the tasks up between the days will make the task much more manageable than say; leaving everything to be done at the end of the week.

Start spacing out your chores and do them accordingly on the day, you will see that is much easier to keep a home clean than you think.

Ask For Help

On our Briiz Buzz blog, you will find a lot of content and articles about how to make cleaning easier.

See some of our previous articles and our best cleaning tips to make life a bit easier.

Alternatively; you can also opt to request one of our cleaners to come clean the house for you (which would be the easiest option and hack of all). If you’re interested to know more about the Briiz cleaning services, get in touch with us or use our brand new online booking engine.

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Last but not least, be sure to check back often on the Briiz Buzz blog as we will be sharing more and more updates and content for you to enjoy and to make cleaning a Briiz.

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Thank you for reading. See you on the next blog.