Our New Home Ironing Service In Malta: Let Briiz Do Your Ironing

By November 10, 2016 Cleaning
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Do you hate ironing? Do you live in a crowded house and you’re feeling overwhelmed with all your ironing “duties”?

We feel you, we understand your struggles and your frustrations.

That is why this week, we would like to introduce to you our new cleaning service that we will be launching very soon and that is; home ironing service.

Never heard of it? It’s probably because it has not been done yet in Malta but with our promise of continually bringing you new innovative cleaning services, we saw the need for it and we decided to do it “the Briiz way”.

The Difference Between Pressing And Ironing Clothes

What Is A “Home Ironing Service” Exactly?

In a nutshell, the whole process is about hiring a professional to do your home ironing.

You have a pile of clothes that need to be ironed but you don’t feel like doing them or don’t have the time?

Simple, just call us and we will send one of our cleaning professionals and it will be done that very same day.

And yes, (in case you are wondering) we do have dedicated ironing professionals in our ranks that will be riding around Malta receiving calls and dropping by once you request this services.

Simple right? It is, and that is why we are very excited to bring this new concept to malta. As always, the motto behind our company is we want to “make cleaning a Briiz”.

How Does An Ironing Service Work?

You can collect and save your ironing duties usually for the week (or bi-weekly) and set an appointment with us to come at a pre-determined time and we will do the ironing for you right there and then at your own home.

The booking process will also be incredibly simple, as are all our cleaning services. You will be able to book from our website or even from our Briiz mobile app (which is launching soon).

Once we receive your request, we will get in touch with you to confirm and plan the dates.

How Much Does This Ironing Service Cost?

The service will be charged by the hour, so you can easily book us for an hour or two and that’s all you pay for.

In time, we will be creating an online form where you can tell us how many pieces of clothing you need ironing, how many hours it will take and how much it will cost you, but for now; if you’re interested in this service, all you have to do is get in touch with us here.

Get Notified When This Service Goes Live

This service is still not “officially launched” yet but it will be soon. If you’d like to be alerted when our home ironing service launches, please follow us on Facebook and also join our email list for exclusive offers and discounts.

Other Cleaning Services Offered By Briiz

Obviously, this is just one of the many cleaning services we offer. Below you can find a list of all our services:

Thank you for reading.

We’re very excited to be launching this home ironing service soon and we are sure you’re going to love it. We look forward to helping you make life a little bit easier.