How To Clean Your Bathroom

By January 24, 2018 Tips
How to clean your Bathroom

Out of all of the unpleasant household necessities, cleaning the bathroom is perhaps one job that we all would prefer to avoid. It is the one area which can seem to never be clean, and often involves contorting yourself into awkward positions, spreading yourself with the shower hose, and getting up close and personal with the toilet.

The good news is that there are systems you can put into place to make the process easier, quicker and more efficient. Keep reading for tips on the best way to clean your bathroom.


1. Have different cloths for different sections

Make your life easier and your cleaning more effective by having colour coded cloths to correspond to different areas of the bathroom. Within industry, pink is usually used for the toilet, to highlight the risk of spreading germs which can occur.

This makes sure you are not using the same cloths in different areas, which can make your cleaning less effective, and could spread illnesses or germs. Similarly, make sure you have all of your bathroom cleaning supplies with you before you start to make your life easier!


2. Make products work for you

There is a range of items on the market, all of which claim to be the best bathroom cleaner. Whilst much of this is up to personal preference, you can make your products work effectively for you.

If you have something which needs time to work, such as a spray or foam, spray this on first, usually on the tiles surrounding the shower, and sometimes down the toilet or on taps. This allows the product to get to work whilst you are focusing elsewhere.


3. Start on the larger areas

Start off in the bathtub, usually the largest area in the bathroom. Apply the bathtub cleaner, then carefully wipe off the product, scrubbing as you do so to make sure all stains are removed.

3. Start on the larger areas

If you have a combined shower/bathtub, you can then rinse off with the shower head or bath taps, before rubbing the surface with a towel to remove watermarks and make it shiny. This step can then be repeated with the tiles; the bathroom tile cleaner applied, scrubbed, rinsed and the tiles polished.


4. Move onto the shower

As with other products, decide on the best shower cleaner for your bathroom, ideally, one which removes dirt, stains, soap scum, and gives a shine.


Spray or apply the product, then rub with a different cloth in a circular motion to remove stains and marks. Rinse off with the shower head, and then polish with another cloth or a dry towel. Leave the shower head and taps for a moment.


 5. Thoroughly clean the sink

Apply the necessary product to the sink area – don’t forget the outside and underneath. Scrub it well to remove toothpaste marks, makeup, hairs or any other unpleasantries, and then, as before, buff with a dry towel.


Thoroughly clean the sink

6. Don’t neglect the toilet!

Perhaps the most unpleasant aspects of bathroom cleaning: the toilet. Luckily, this can be tackled easily and quickly if you have a good system in place. Firstly, our bleach into the bowl, and scrub well with a toilet brush or cloth depending on your preference.

Then spray toilet cleaner around the bowl, under the rim, on the seat and on the lid. Wipe it all over carefully with another separate cloth, not forgetting the outside of the bowl. Once everything is clean, buff with a separate dry cloth to polish.


7. Make sure the floor is clean

You will be spending a lot of time in bare feet on it, so it is essential to ensure that the floor is clean. Depending on what your floor is made of, firstly sweep or hoover to remove any dust and debris.


Make sure the floor is clean


Then apply a floor cleaner, and either mop or wipe with a cloth, depending on the size of your bathroom. Wipe over the skirting boards with a damp cloth to remove dust, and to make sure that your clean floor doesn’t get dirty immediately.


8. Pay attention to details

Now is the time to turn your attention to taps, shower heads, fixtures and fittings. With chrome fittings such as taps and plugs, polish these with a dry cloth, buffing them until they shine.

Dust fixtures, light fittings, shelves, any ornaments, and bottles or packages which are on display. Using a specialised glass cleaner, carefully wipe down the mirror, taking care to buff out any streaks or smears.


The best way to keep a clean and tidy bathroom is to make sure that you keep on top of it. Doing a quick wipe round every day will ensure that soap scum and grime don’t have a chance to build up, and it won’t seems like a huge chore which needs to be endured.

Keep cleaning supplies handy, so that you can give a quick wipe round of the shower whilst you are in it. Rinse and wipe the sink after brushing your teeth, and use clever storage to ensure that shampoo and lotion bottles aren’t sitting out – this is the easiest way to get a scummy mark on the bath or tile.

Bleach the toilet every evening before bed to keep it fresh, and make sure you pick up any rubbish straight away. these easy tips will work to make your life a lot easier, leaving you with more free time to do far more exciting things!