How to Declutter Your Home

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Decluttering your home

Decluttering is not often seen as a part of cleaning your home. Frankly, cleaning your home is a lot harder when it is cluttered and disorganised. Having a clean and tidy home will help you to get a clear mind as well, and getting rid of stuff can feel rewarding. Enough excuses to start as soon as possible with decluttering your home.

Start decluttering

Start by throwing away stuff you certainly don’t want anymore. Grab a few garbage bags and throw everything that doesn’t serve a function anymore. Make sure you keep a separate bag for charity, and fill that with items that are still intact.

5 Questions to ask yourself while decluttering

  • does this spark joy?
  • do I have something similar to this?
  • have I used this in the last year?
  • does it still fit me or my living space?
  • am I holding onto this because of sentimental value?

Decluttering your closet

The 4-piles strategy is an easy way for decluttering your closet.

Pile 1: Items you love, fit well and wear frequently – keep

Pile 2: Items that don’t fit you anymore or are not your style – donate

Pile 3: Items you want to keep, but you don’t know why – put them in a box and keep it there for 30 days. Haven’t worn them within these days? Throw them away.

Pile 4: Items that aren’t in good condition anymore – throw them away

Don’t want to go through all your clothes? Take your hangers, and face the hooks towards you instead of the wall. Hang the clothing piece back with the hook towards the wall, and after a few months you will start to see what you are wearing, and what you are not.

The closet is a place that can build up quick. Preventing this is maybe even more important than curing the problem. Sales, new collections, online shopping are all very appealing, but you should shop smart. Ask yourself: ‘’Am I really going to wear this, or is this a representation of my fantasy-self?’’, and ‘’Do I have something similar to this?’’.

What to do with emotionally-attached items

We all have items that we are emotionally attached to. They remind us of anyone we know or of a certain time in our lives. It can be hard to just throw these items away, because it can feel like you are throwing away a part of yourself.

Those items that are beautiful, essential and make you happy: keep them.

You can even exhibit them on a shelf. Throw away the items that no longer serve you and remember: sometimes we don’t need the items themselves to hold onto those memories.

Giving to charity

Giving your items to charity is an amazing way to get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore. There are a lot of people out there who you can make happy, with items such as clothes, accessories, books, DVD’s, CD’s, kids’ toys and homewares. It also makes you feel good, knowing that your stuff got a second life instead of being thrown away.


Organise a garage sale

Want to make a bit of money after decluttering? Then a garage sale is the perfect opportunity. Pick a day in the weekend, and let people know you are organising one. Organise everything according to the type of item, to make it easier for the costumer. Label every item with a colour sticker, so you can colour code based on price. Keep in mind that items being sold in garage sales are often not too high priced.


Let it become a part of your daily habits

If you eventually are well-organised and have a decluttered home, you probably want to keep it that way. That is why making it a part of your daily habits is important, just like cleaning your kitchen surface and sweeping the floor.

Take a bin and place it, for example, in your garage. Every time you come by an item you don’t love or need anymore, put it in the bin. After a few months, you can donate these items to charity or throw them away.


Closing Thoughts

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