How To Keep A Car Clean In Malta: 5 Tips To Do The Impossible

By November 14, 2016 Tips
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Last week we announced the news that our car cleaning service we were offering is officially back with a bang.

Keeping with that theme, this week we want to share some tips on how to keep a car clean in Malta – we know it’s not easy; but we are up for the task and if you follow these tips, you will be as well.

Let’s get into this now:


Watch The Weather

We all know that feeling right? Washing the car then it rains? Been there done that.

In summer, although it doesn’t rain in Malta, we have another issue and that is southern winds bringing in dust from the massive neighboring desert in North Africa.

Unfortunately, that is a geographical issue which we can not stop, but we can take measures to try to keep dust off our cars with regular car cleaning.

A scheduled weekly wash should do the trick here to keep the dust off your car.

Take Care Of Rust Build Up

Malta is a small island surrounded by a vast sea (and occasional strong winds) which means that sea particles (filled with salt) will eventually make your way to your car, leading to the number one car killer; rust build-up.

This is a tricky thing to handle, and although you might not be able to fully prevent rust build up, a regular car wash service should slow down the process.

Also, there are products available on the market which Briiz car cleaning uses that will actually “kill” rust build up so if you are using our services, you know that for the time being; your rust build up will be handled.

The Outside Is A Manifestation Of The Inside

Cleaning the outside for the Sunday drive is one thing but it’s also a good habit to get into cleaning the interior of the car.

If you want that “new car” feeling, then you need to keep your interior clean too.

Again there are products and tools for this, which we can supply with our cleaning service, but a good interior cleaning routine includes:

  • Vacuum cleaning,
  • Dashboard polishing,
  • Interior dust cleaning,
  • Polishing the leather,
  • and more.

PRO TIP: Keep your car cleaning products in your car along with a cloth so it can be cleaned “on the go”.

Simply having these products and items close by will help you keep up with your cleaning much easier.

All you have to do then is to regularly pull them out and give the old dashboard a quick clean, but beware of clutter;

Remove Clutter

We are all guilty of having things in our car that we don’t really need, I am sure you know what I mean by this.

Next time you’re in your car; look around and ask yourself; do I really need this in here or is this just extra clutter?

Probably your answer will be the latter, so make sure you get rid of that asap to make your car cleaning duties a little bit easier.

Use The Right Products

Even though it’s “still soapy”, it doesn’t mean that you should wash your car with the same washing liquid that you use for your dishes.

Some cleaning products which are not designed for “car cleaning” may be harmful to your car and to your paint job.

Make sure you use dedicated car cleaning products like we use here at Briiz. We hand-pick our products for different specific types of cars to guarantee the best result possible.

How To Keep Up With Your Car Cleaning In Malta

These tips should help you keep a car clean in Malta but if you want us to take over this task for you, feel free to get in touch with Briiz so we can show you how we can keep your car clean without you doing any of the work.

We’ve just recently re-opened our car cleaning service at our new luxurious lounge where you can come and chill there while we do your car wash.

Our valet service includes everything that is related to car cleaning and that is; interior, exterior, spray polishing, everything.

If you’d like to know more about our car detailing service; see our blog announcement, LIKE our Facebook page for updates and subscribe to our email list for exclusive offers.

We look forward to hearing from you.