How To Pack Like A Pro

By October 4, 2017 Tips
knowing what to pack - packing tips

Need a holiday? Be it a weekend, a few weeks, a month or an open ended stay abroad it’s never too late to learn how to pack in the most economic manner. These are a few tips to help you pack your holiday suitcase better.

Have you ever struggled with baggage dimensions and with managing to place all your clothes and belongings in properly? Sure you have, and you’ve seen others who have struggled too – with last minute changes at the airport, shifting clothes and books from one luggage to another…

So, how can you avoid the hassle?

It all takes a bit of time and patience…till you get used to it and then this method of packing will become second nature. It’s also a good time to rethink having and carrying around a lot of separate bags. You don’t want to be juggling your luggage, hand luggage, an extra bag and possibly a laptop bag too – try to fit everything into just two bags so that it’s manageable. You never know if you will be passing through more than just the airport, think about after the flight – will you be using the metro or a coach? If so, remember there might be lots of steps and people so make sure you’re comfortable.

How do you pack travel essentials? 

Challenge yourself whenever you get the chance, use your work bag to get used to packing properly. Have a place for your work essentials – if you’re carrying around keys, your laptop, any journals or writing pads – a place for lunch, and remove anything you don’t actually use or need. Your back and arms will thank you. Do this when you’re packing for school or for the gym too!

When it comes to tips for packing when abroad, the best thing is to create a travel checklist. The important thing is not to leave this checklist in your head…write it down. If you keep it in your head then you’re just going to go over and over the list and always wonder if you’re forgetting something.


Apart from the checklist you want to know exactly where you’re going and when you know your destination and what you’ll be doing (more or less) then you can decide what you really need.

Pack some travel sized toiletries – from shower gel to shampoo to body cream. Pack your hairbrush and comb, with any products that you use regularly. Also don’t leave your grooming kit behind!

Buying these empty and reusable is a good hack, as you can fill them with your usual preferred product. Make sure you have all the undies you need. Take some snacks in case you get a bit peckish and keep these in your hand luggage, and maybe some in your luggage too.  

When it comes to shoes make sure what you’re taking ones that go with the majority of your outfits and that they are comfortable. Take into consideration if you’re going to be walking most of the time or not. Your context is key.

Packing Tips 

Pack light, dress heavy

It’s always better if you can dress more and leave more space in your suitcase – airports and planes tend to be cold anyway. Pack something that is cosy like a sweatshirt/sweater or a hoodie which will look good with other outfits – jeans, sweatpants.

This tip also makes sense when it comes to shoes. If you have heavy or bulky shoes it’s easier to have them on and save space in your bags for other things. We wouldn’t recommend wearing heels, though you might get away with wearing wedges.

If you’re packing heels in your luggage – be it hand luggage or your main luggage make sure to protect the heel well. Place them in a bag separately and then use clothes to pad them – they’re going to move around so much you don’t want to have the heel or front of the shoe damaged (or damaging something else for that matter).

Roll or Fold

It’s not easy to know, sometimes you’re not quite sure what will save more space (and rolling everything will not do that). From experience lightweight objects are better for rolling and padding the sides of the luggage – unless the fabric gets really creased, if so then just fold. So when it comes to t-shirts and light jerseys try to roll.

For thicker garments like jeans and sweatshirts, go for layering and fold at the sides.

It’s good to alternate and experiment between rolling and layering the clothes flat, especially if you need to protect a breakable between clothes as well as your toiletry bag. 

Most importantly it’s good to try these things ahead. So maybe it’ll be good to pack a few days in advance to really see what you need and eliminate what you don’t. You might also want to leave space for things you’ll buy when on holiday.

This is the start of your journey, planning it and using the time efficiently will save you worries later!

As for the cleaning that will await you after you come back from holiday, don’t stress and get some help – you deserve it! After all, who said the holiday had to end as soon as you got back home?

Use your time to unpack carefully, and we’ll handle the rest. So if you’re even a little bit apprehensive of returning home from your holiday, don’t be. Your house is in our hands. Get in touch with us at BRIIZ and we’ll take the load off your shoulders.