6 Steps To Ironing A Dress Shirt For Perfect Results

By December 22, 2016 Cleaning, Tips

We all know that feeling right? Unless you’ve been brought up in a military family, ironing can be a b**ch and nobody looks forward to doing it.

As part of our new home ironing service, we would like to share with you these 6 steps to ironing a dress shirt with ease.

We hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful.

Ironing A Dress Shirt

Preparing Your Work Flow

The first step to do is to obviously set up your ironing board and start warming up the iron, once that is done, you need to “prepare” your dress shirt for ironing:

Read the shirt’s label first and find our what fabric it is. It’s important to do this since different fabrics require different ironing temperatures.

For example; cotton and cotton blends can withstand pretty high temperatures, but polyester shirts need less heat and it actually can be quite damaging to the fabric.

Also, a good way to get the best results, it’s best to dampen the shirt a bit. Don’t make it wet, just a bit “moist”. A spray bottle with water can do the trick here.

How To Iron The Shirt’s Collar

Now it’s time to get into the actual ironing of the shirt, and the collar is the spot you need to get started with.

Pop the collar and apply the iron from one spot on the inside to the next. Once the side is done, flip it over and repeat the whole process again on the outside of the collar.

How To Iron The Front Of The Dress Shirt

The main bulk of the work would be to ironing of the front of the dress shirt. It may sound a bit complicated, and it’s when most get confused when ironing a dress shirt but don’t worry, this process is fairly straightforward if you know what you are doing.

Start ironing the side of the buttons and slowly go from the bottom od the shirt to the top in a straight line.

  • Also, do not forget to do the shoulder and collar/shoulders are.
  • Do not rush this as it could make the difference between a good job and a bad one.
  • Time and patience is the key and also some practice would come in handy if this is your first time ironing a dress shirt.
  • Just take your time with it, and you’re ready to go.

How To Properly Iron The Cuffs

The cuffs are surprisingly often overlooked, and it’s a shame really since not doing these correctly can make the whole “job” seem half done.

It doesn’t take much effort either to iron your cuffs. Simply;

  • Unbutton the cuffs
  • Iron in the insides first
  • Put a towel over the buttons as not to iron over them and melt the plastic
  • Work your way slowly around the buttons


Again; this just requires some patience and practice so take your time with it. In time, you will get the hang of it and be able to do this while process with ease.

How To Iron A Dress Shirt’s Back

Position one of the sleeve heads in the square edge of the ironing board. This way you can iron hold the back and only have to slide it over slowly to complete the rest.

And Finally, How To Iron A Dress Shirt’s Sleeve

Start by making sure that the sleeves are flat and smooth on your ironing board and slowly start from the top of the bottom of the cuff (again watch for those buttons).

If you don’t have a sleeve board, you can use a rolled-up towel inside the sleeve to avoid creases.

6 Steps To Ironing A Dress Shirt For Perfect Results

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We hope you enjoyed these 6 steps to ironing a dress shirt, if you require any more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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