Living Room Changes For 2018

By January 17, 2018 Tips

We hear it every year: New Year, New Me!

Very rarely do any of us keep all (or any!) of the resolutions which we make in good faith, and with the purest of intentions. Life, work, school and people get in the way.

This year, however, why not take the opportunity to make a real change, which will benefit and inspire you throughout 2018, and in the years to come after that?

For most of us, our home is our sanctuary. It is the place where we can kick back in our comfy clothes, switch off and relax. It may also be where we host friends, hold gatherings and parties, and celebrate the successes of our lives.

It makes sense, therefore, to invest time and energy into our homes, starting with one of the most used rooms in the house: the living room.


Use fashion to help, not hinder you

Like with clothing, hair, and makeup, interior design also goes through phases of fashion.

The idea of modern living room is generally a space where the family can relax, entertain, and spend time together, and it is important for the room design to reflect this.

There are a few features which are must haves: comfy seating, good storage and accessibility, and the little touches which really make it personal and homely. Homes come in all shapes, and there are a range of living room styles depending on your family, your home and your taste.

Don’t be afraid of fashions and trends, or feel as though you need to be a slave to them; whilst checking out the latest styles can give you modern living room ideas and inspiration, it is important to remain true to your own tastes and preferences: there is no point in installing a huge, metal framed, ultra modern sofa if your preference is for vintage, squashy leather.

Fashions and trends can, however, provide you with interior design ideas, colours and fabrics, and give you a place to start with your living room decorating ideas, and particularly if you have a particular need or preference, such as inspiration for small living room ideas, or if you are after a total overhaul; magazines and websites can provide some great living room makeover ideas.

Cosy Living room


Bring the Outside In!

There is currently a focus on nature in interior design, and of the concept of bringing nature into the house through colours, lines, and accessories.

There is no need to go mad and get a green carpet and paint the walls sky blue (though if that’s your thing, go for your life and be amazing!); there are far more subtle ways to bring the outside in, remain up to date, and still show your personality.

Soft, draped curtains can add an element of fluidity and liquid; they instantly soften a window and a room, and can even be made from lighter material which flows more easily to increase the effect.

This can be enhanced with the choice in cushions or soft furnishings, to create a cohesive look throughout the room.

Pick out the colours of your favourite flower or plant, and make a bold statement with a rug, picture frame or ornament, and instantly update the look of the room without spending a fortune or making major changes.

cosy living room with pants and green sofa

Jazz up your Furniture

Furniture is another area which follows trends, and the preference at the moment leans towards smooth curves, Art Deco contours, and geometric shapes to provide an edge.

Again, there is no need to overhaul your entire living room design, unless you would like to.

Trends can give you an indication of modern living room furniture ideas, but there are number of things you can do easily to update your current kit.

Ok so shaving the edges off of the coffee table to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing curve probably isn’t the best idea, but you can upcycle pieces fairly easily. Repaint a dresser to give it a new lease of life, and pick some different handles to instantly update it and create a whole new piece of furniture.

If you know someone who is good with their hands, see if there are any modifications they can make to meet your vision.

Even if you don’t have access to a handy handyman, simply painting or sanding down, updating handles and curtain poles, and adding subtle accessories such as mirrors and pictures can transform the look of a room instantly.

In addition, even something as simple as rearranging the furniture can totally change a space. Experiment with the objects until you find the best living room design for you; putting a table there and a bookcase here can have a much bigger impact than you may realise!


The Devil is in the Detail

As I have reiterated before, the key aspects really do lie in the little things.

Updating curtains, careful placement of a rug, changing the photo frames, and being selective in your wall decor can all have a big impact in updating your living room, and pulling the look together.

If you like some of the bold trends of 2018, but don’t have the time, money or desire for a total overhaul and an entirely new, modern living room set, changing these small details can give you the overall look you crave quickly and easily, and can really add a touch of unique personality to the space, as the pieces reflect your own quirks and personality.

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so it is worth making the effort to invest some time and imagination into an easy update.

New furniture, walls, colours and carpets can create a total makeover, whilst more subtle results are also easily achievable. Whatever your preferred end goal, prioritise yourself and your home, and make 2018 the year of the new living space which suits you perfectly!

Cosy modern living room decoration