Maltese Nautical Licence

By July 3, 2015 Boat, Learning, Tips, Yacht

Many of us dream of owning our own boat or yacht, but we may not be aware of the certification we need to have in order to operate one in Malta.

Who Should Obtain a Maltese Nautical Licence?

The Maltese government requires that a boat or yacht operator with an engine or engines having a combined output of 30hp or more has a nautical licence, which is issued by the Transport Authority. The same holds true should the operator wish to operate a boat with the intention of towing people behind it for water skiing.

Training and Courses

Before you’re even allowed to begin the Nautical Licence syllabus in view of sitting the exam, the Transport Authority requires attendance to a First Aid course. Once a pass is obtained in this regard, the next step is to attend practical and theory courses to familiarise yourself with everything you need to know in order to be able to operate a boat or yacht successfully.

Exam and Documentation

The Malta Sailing Academy is the organisation which is responsible for processing and validating the successful completion of the components of the Nautical Licence course. In turn, certification is issued and is to be submitted at the MCAST main office in Paola, together with an examination entry form and front-and-back photocopies of your Maltese identity card.

Once processing is complete, the Transport Authority will contact you with an exam date. Nautical Licence exams are held between 5pm and 8pm at the Nautical Institute in Kalkara. You’ll be informed of your success, or lack thereof, upon completion of the exam.

If successful, it’s then just a matter of taking the document which the Transport Authority posts to you to the Small Crafts department. You’ll need two passport-sized photos, together with having to pay a fee of €23.18, in order to apply for your Nautical Licence.