Moving Tips & Tricks: Paring Down for a Move

By October 11, 2017 Cleaning, Interior, Tips
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How to go about Paring Down when on the Move

Though moving might be a great prospect, in reality it is an overwhelming and somewhat daunting process. Even if you’re doing it because you want to you never know what you’ve got into until you start packing up those boxes and bubble wrapping everything.

The thing is, it’s not just about moving and packing boxes, there’s more to it. There’s the paperwork, the address that needs to be changed and you need to let a bunch of people and companies know…so many things to do.

Best way to start is by creating a checklist of things to do and people to contact.

The Packing Process

When you start packing up the boxes you realise the benefits of being a minimalist. In reality this is an opportune time to decrease and give away the things in your life you are no longer making use of.

You will find you have so much stuff, things you had forgotten about ages ago in the laundry room, or on some shelf, behind a wardrobe. Even if you’re not downsizing then you might still want to consider taking less from one place to the next. 

You can’t be too sentimental when it comes to eliminating certain things, and certain decisions you might think will backfire…yet it is needed. Reassessing what you have and what you want in your life is a great opportunity.

Packing Tips 

– Paring down is a fresh start

This time you get to move only your best stuff. If the item has no use – it’s no longer practical in other words – or it does not fit into the space then sell it or give it away if you can.

If there has been something you’ve been dragging along with you for a long while then this is the time to get rid of it. What about the old towels you’re still using even though you bought new sets? Or the third set of measuring scales? You know what’s unnecessary.

You need to give yourself permission to just let go of things, you have no obligation towards most things especially if there’s no reason why to hold on to them.

– Moving

You’ll be doing a lot of travelling with each item and space is precious, so think about whether it’s worth packing, transporting, unpacking and finding a new place for it. Paring down now will save you time.

You can really think of chucking something in the bin if it doesn’t cater to your needs anymore. If you have multiples of it, if it’s worn out, or if you haven’t used it for more than a year.

Remember, if you don’t have any need for this item it does not mean that others will not either. Always consider giving things to charity or selling them as second hand.

– Live with less

The thing to do once you start to minimize the things in your home or when you want to get rid of the old then make a list of the things you’ve gotten rid of and need to replace.

This will ensure that everything has a place in your home – you’re catering for everything.

How to make sure that you stick with the minimalistic approach 

– don’t allow for any clutter on your counter and also in your cupboards

– try out floating shelves, as they ensure that you always keep them clear and see all the equipment you have

– make proper use out of your storage units, like your island or your washroom

– before you buy something make sure it serves a purpose

– if it doesn’t belong trash it, recycle it or give it away

The most important thing is to start. To start somewhere, pick one room and declutter, then pack. You’ve got this!