Pre-Listing Cleaning Checklist To Follow If You Want To Sell Your Home

By January 13, 2017 Commercial Cleaning, Tips

Are you listing your home for sale and you think it could do with some cleaning before you start showing it around?

You are right; as studies have proven over and over again, making sure your home is as clean as it can be before showing it to potential buyers is often, a deciding factor.

We’ve asked some of the real estate agents that often use Briiz for their home cleaning agents about this, and they replied that yes, a home that is perceived as properly “taken care” by potential buyers will often sell much easier (and surprisingly, at a higher price).

So, with that in mind, today at Briiz we decided to compile a pre-listing cleaning checklist you can follow if you’re starting to accept open-house visits with the intent to sell.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us here at Briiz for a hassle-free, professional cleaning of your home.

Pre-Listing Cleaning Checklist

Throughout The House

Clean Dusty Vents & Fan Blades

These often get overlooked and often go unnoticed, but a potential buyer will be scanning for these little things. Taking a few minutes to clean these off will not take you too much time, but they can make a world of difference for your buyer.

Clean Windows

A home with dirty windows will automatically appear less attractive. It gives the feeling that the house was not taken care of and if the windows are dirty, most probably everything else is.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

As we always say, clutter is the #1 enemy preventing you from keeping a clean home. Take some time to de-clutter and get everything out of the way that shouldn’t be there and you will instantly see, feel the difference.

The Kitchen Area

Scrub Your Kitchen Sink

Just like dirty windows, a dirt sink (especially if it’s filled with old, dirty dishes) is an immediate turn off to a buyer so make sure that everything is wiped down, sterilised and looking fresh.

Put Away All Your (Clean) Dishes

We’re all guilty of this; letting dishes dry off on the kitchen sink but ideally, if you are expecting potential buyers to your home, make sure you do this quick 5-minute task.

Wipe Down Appliances

A dirty refrigerator, a stained oven and a sticky drawer are not appealing to anyone.

For potential buyers, this is a sign that the home has been neglected and seeing as how the appliances weren’t taken care of, it might also raise the question whether they need to buy new appliances thus increasing expenses.

This may lead to people not wanting to go that “extra mile” with their investment.

Your Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Make Your Bed

Everybody should do this every day and not only when you are tidying up for when guests arrive.

A fun fact about making your bed in first thing in the morning is that it shifts your mindset to “productive mode”, thus being able to achieve more throughout your day.

Moving on.

Add A Clean Scent

If you happen to have pets, or maybe you allow yourself to smoke indoors, you may not know this, but there is a lingering smell that your nose got used to.

So, whenever you’re are expecting buyers and/or guests to your home, it’s great to make sure the house smells clean.

This can be done through many ways, but using an air freshener or even a cheap scented candle will do the trick.

Miscellaneous / Outdoor Areas

Clean Up After Your Pets

Although adorable, pets are usually messy creatures. Not going for the worst case scenario here, but there might be your dog’s fur everywhere, and this is also something that switches on the “mental alarm” system for potential buyers.

Make sure that everything pet related is out of the way and out of sight.

Last but not least;

Wipe Down Front Door

The first visual point of contact for your potential buyer will obviously be your front door, and although it may not be dirty, it doesn’t hurt to give it a good cleaning before you invite anybody over.

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading. We hope you’ve found this pre-listing cleaning checklist useful, and we hope you manage to sell your house in no time.

Just remember that a clean home is a happy home. If you’d like for us to clean your home, we’d be happy to. You can use our brand-new online booking engine to get our professional cleaners to do this job for you.

Talk soon.