Restaurant Cleaning Services: 8 Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Clean

By November 24, 2016 Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Tips

When they come into your restaurant, people expect the food to be served using clean dishes, plates and glassware and the place to be clean and sanitary.

Although running a restaurant might be exciting, very few of us like to clean the floors, curtains or window blinds. As part of our commercial cleaning services that we offer, a restaurant cleaning service seemed like a perfect for to offer our customers.

Today we are bringing you some of our best tips on how to keep your restaurant clean. Further down we’d also be telling you how we can help you keep up with all your restaurant’s cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Create Checklist Duties For All Employees

It is important too that these chores are put into plan and divided according to various employees to share the load, so they are not left unattended whilst the restaurant is in operation.

Whatever strategy is used, having employees who take pride and ownership of their workplaces to keep their areas clean is the best shot to go for, since it will be an “ingrained culture” within the restaurant and avoid management having to chase and remind employees to go over these chores.

A senior employee can also offer weekly or by-weekly cleaning checklists to manage the cleaning tasks amongst employees, possibly having some of them being rotated amongst employees.

Clean (As You Go)

The “Clean as you go” approach keeps your cleaning tasks under control and your restaurant looking more presentable.

You should brush down the grills between orders, whilst prep areas should be kept tidy and clean.

Meat, fish, and vegetables should have their own separate cutting board to avoid cross contamination, and boards should be also be removed and washed often.

Cleaning water and cleaning cloths should be changed frequently.

Create Hourly Tasks

Washroom and toilets should be cleaned every hour in order to keep hygiene standard as high as possible. Make sure you clean ‘touch points’ with disinfectants such as handles, switches, and fittings.

Also, make sure you maintain things functioning such as fixtures, taps, toilet seats, mirrors and grouting between tiles since these are prone to bacteria.

Tiles can be cleaned with hard –bristle grout brush which is specifically designed for the purpose.

Create Weekly Tasks

Each week all employees should change the food in the walk-in fridge then wash and sanitize it thoroughly.

It is more organized if you assign one task for each for each day of the week, for example, sanitize sinks on Tuesdays, drains on Wednesdays, and other appliances such as ovens and coffee machines on Thursday.

Weekly tasks should include;

  • Empty coolers and wash and sanitize them
  • Delime sinks
  • Clean coffee machine
  • Clean the ovens. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on this particular job.
  • Sharpen knives
  • Use drain cleaners on floor drains

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

You can organize yourself and your employees for the monthly tasks too. These could include ice machines, freezers, storage areas, walls, floors, and ceilings.

A gantt chart can be created to map out the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.

Monthly tasks could include but are not limited to:

  • Wash behind the oven, stove and fryers to cut down on grease build up, which is a major fire hazard,
  • Clean freezers,
  • Calibrate the ovens and thermometers,
  • Wash walls and ceilings,
  • Clean the dry storage area,
  • Check your first aid kit and see if it needs restocking.

Stock and Storage

Check expiry dates of products and ingredients from the storage cupboard/room. It’s also important to build quality of the shelves for safety, whether containers are still airtight and labeling is up to date.


Make sure your tables, chairs and restaurant furniture look as brand-new.

For outdoor wooden furniture use teak oil and for indoors touch up any surface scratches and keep upholstery clean should they be present in your restaurant.

Powerwash Outside Floor

The outside area of your restaurant business provides a very important first impressions particularly for walkers by to decide to choose to come inside your restaurant instead of the others especially if you are in a busy central area with many options to choose from.

Food that falls on the floor and not immediately cleaned can be stuck on the floor which requires cold water pressure washer to blast the dirt and stuck food.

Trust Briiz With Your Restaurant Cleaning

Briiz Cleaning Malta

If you’d like to disregard all these tips and simply “outsource” your restaurant’s cleaning service, we can help you.

As part of our commercial cleaning services, this is something that we also offer so if we can help you in anyway with restaurant cleaning, do not hesitate to give us a call so we can schedule your next cleaning appointment.