Is It Ok To Wear Your Shoes Inside Your Home?

Shoes Inside Your Home

From time to time, a question comes up online that will split “the audience” in half. On some days it’s a blue & black dress that changes colour,  other times its discussing if the toilet roll should go over or under.

Today; we are looking at another heated debate, which is;

Is It Ok To Wear Your Shoes Inside Your Home?

Shoes Inside Your Home

Personally, I am all for keeping your shoes on when indoors. I do it at my home, and I have been this way from seeing my parents with their shoes indoors as well. I do not see any problem with this, but apparently; the internet does, so once we came about this dilemma, we decided to do our research.

Following are some ideas on WHY you should NOT keep your shoes on when going inside you home.

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes Inside Your Home

421,000 Different Types Of Bacteria

Apparently, and please do not freak out, but shoes carry on them (or rather under them?) an incomprehensible amount of bacteria. Some would say close to 421,000 different types of bacteria.

So, the argument here; would you want to bring each and every single one of them inside your home?

It Carries Dirt Indoors

Yes, this argument I can see being valid. The street is not clean. You have dust, dog poop, spit, gum, etc…

Walking around all day in the city would make your shoes undeniably filthy and when you think about it; bringing all this to your “comfy place of rest” is not ideal.

Keeps The Home Cleaner

Also, it’s been proven that families that take off their shoes before entering the home leads to the house staying cleaner for much longer.

Dust, rain and mud can all be carried inside after walking about for just a few seconds so yes, we agree that home cleaning will be much easier if people started taking off their shoes.

Shoes Damage Feet?

There’s also the argument that shoes are not good for the feet and it’s much healthier to give your toes some “air” when inside your home.

While this surely can’t be denied, some prefer giving their feet support and are much more comfortable when wearing something, especially people who suffer from a bad back.

What are your thoughts on this?

3 Rebuttals Of The Above “Rules”

Now that we’ve heard one side of the argument, let’s look at the other side of it a, and that is; 4 reasons why you SHOULD keep your shoes ON when entering your home.

If You Have Pets

Anybody that owns a pet knows that nine times out of ten, there will be some sort of mess when they come home, so wearing shoes inside the home to avoid stepping in something is a valid argument which we agree with.

If You Have Children

Another good point we also agree on is a comment posted online that said since they have kids at the house, it’s safer to wear shoes to avoid stepping on something that might cause you some pain.

While this may be a bit too far-fetched, it’s a good valid point for #TeamShoes


Again; some say that they much rather wear some sort of footwear inside, and for most, it’s a pair of sneakers which provide support and comfort to their feet.

We can’t argue with this, and I honestly think anybody can do whatever he wants with their feet in the comfort of their home.

We Asked The Briiz Staff For Their Opinions…

Now that we heard  both sides of this argument (with some valid points backing up the claims), we decided to ask some of our Briiz employees on what they think, and we’re surprised to see the results;

Most of our staff here at Briiz HQ prefer to wear their shoes inside. The reason for the ones that do not wear shoes was simply “because I was raised that way“.

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

What are your thought on this? Do you wear your shoes inside or do you take them off? And why?

As for our official opinion here, we are still not sure. We see the benefits of both sides, but mostly, we like to keep wearing our shoes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this so be sure to let us know on our Facebook page.

Keeping A Clean Home

One point that we like though, is the fact that taking off your shoes does lead to a clean home “staying clean” for much longer.

That we can’t deny, but we can also help you with keeping a clean home. See our home cleaning services here and if you have any questions, be sure to let us know.

We’d love to help you out (whether you like keeping your shoes on or off when going inside your home).

Thanks for reading.