Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

By August 9, 2017 Interior, Tips
storage out of the box

Organizing solutions that aren’t boring!

A splash of creativity is all you need to spritz up your storage and make organizing become a part of your home decor while serving a functional purpose.

If you’re looking to create more of a functional and airy space at home, organizing properly might just be the solution for your small or large spaces. Whether you want to recreate your pantry, your kitchen, your garage or simply make better use of your wardrobe, these are a few tips you can apply to any room.

The (Improvised)Mud Room

Most of the apartments or houses nowadays do not cater for the front mud room, to properly store one’s shoes and outside coats or jackets. Yet this should not stop you from creating that little nook to do so!

This creates the perfect space to place one’s keys, over-jackets, shoes that you take off at the door (for family and guests), and scarves or so on. How about add that mirror to catch a last glimpse at yourself?

The Utility Room

This is the place to keep clean and tidy, just to make things easier for you. Keep the products you use for washing clothes in one section and the products you use for your clean and dry clothes in another area.

If you iron in this room make sure to have extra hangers and possibly a rail to hang everything on and transport to their proper places when done with everything.

Portable storage can be quite useful if used the right way, even though they might need some getting used to. You won’t be able to live without them!


The Kitchen

Well everyone wants neat cabinets in the kitchen as it’s the most used space in the house really. That is why it’s important to tidy and clear daily. When it comes to the cupboards don’t keep anything you don’t need or use close at hand. This simply distracts you from finding the things you actually use.

And what about your pantry? Keep airtight labelled jars for everything from spices, nuts and cereal to flavoured sugar and flour.

The Home Office

These are tips you can extend to your work office (if you work in one) too.

The most important thing is purposeful shelving. Shelving that doesn’t waste you any valuable space, in which you can store all those files, books and anything else that you require in this space.

Learn to organize your desk as well as you do your shelving.

The Bedroom

These bedroom hacks will make you think you’re at a runway show, but you’re simply getting ready for work!

Make sure to prepare the clothes you’re going to wear from the day before, this ensures an easy transition between those quick chores in the mornings.

All you need to do is hang them on these perfect ladder-esque storage space (you can also find them as rails on wheels). Some local places stock these or you can make them yourself.

The DIY Project

Create canisters to store pieces of wrapping paper, stationery, for your art stuff like brushes or pens, or how about a steady one for your umbrellas or walking sticks.

What you will need

6″ Sonotube or wider

Natural wood veneer


Hot glue or wood glue

Heavy cardboard


Utility knife



  1. Cut the Sonotube to the desired height.
  2. Trace circle around tube onto heavy cardboard (we used matting board), to serve as the base.
  3. Cut out circle using utility knife.
  4. Use a generous amount of wood glue and glue circle to one end of tube, allow it to dry for at least 24 hrs.
  5. Using scissors, carefully cut veneer to height and circumference of your tube, allowing an additional 2 cm (approximately) to extend over the tube.
  6. Place a generous amount of hot glue onto tube and adhere one edge of the veneer onto tube. Make sure you adhere veneer with the grain of the wood running vertically.

NOTE: This is very important as the veneer is fragile and going against the grain of the wood will crack it.

  1. Press down firmly to ensure there are no air bubbles.
  2. Continue adding hot glue onto tube and adhering veneer around tube until you have gone all around.
  3. Trim any uneven areas.
  4. Take a smaller piece of veneer and glue to the inside of the tube. This will hide the cardboard of the tube and create cleaner lines.
  5. If desired, stain with your favourite stain by following manufacturer’s directions.


Baskets & Totes

They can be used for more than just shopping. Baskets hold anything from blankets, linens, laundry, books/magazines, loose items. You can also take them to the beach, picnic or out shopping – you’ll look very chic.

Repurposing and seeing the use of a basket can take a bit of unlearning. Apart from the fact that they are now becoming quite fashionable to keep in the house, you have to recognise that they have become a concept – it serves a purpose and is not just a thing that takes up space.

Many local artisans make these woven baskets along with beautiful rugs.

Fill them in methodically – leaving the bottom part for storing what you don’t need daily, the middle and top for things you need regularly. Then cover the top with a vintage throw.

It’s all about decluttering – going back to minimalism 

Less about what’s there and more about what isn’t