Make Cleaning Easier with these 8 Sweeping Utensils

By August 23, 2017 Cleaning, Tips
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Sweeping tips that will get you whistling while you work 

Sometimes getting the wet mop ready is not as easy or as quick as you need it to be. There’s a lot we don’t give the regular sweep credit for – it really does turn the usual chore into more of a joy.

Here’s why!

These are a few hacks that will show you why sweeping often is essential to cutting down on the longer and more laborious chores. What does this mean? Well, you won’t have to wash or mop the floors two or three times a week.

A bit everyday is the trick!

Those table spills of salt and pepper, the vitamin rush through the cabinet (but I must have secured that cap yesterday!), the dust settling softly but surely on all your surfaces, and what about pet hair…it just gets everywhere. In summer most especially, missing a sweep for a couple of days makes me wonder if I’m in a western movie rather than the living room…the iconic wind blowing tufts of hay and sand coming to mind.

These utensils will save you and save your face – looking fabulous as well as being useful. It’s worth investing in specimens of higher quality, forget the plastic. The advent of plastic meant that brush-making techniques fell by the wayside, but you can find high quality options made in the old-school way. Also, look for companies using sustainable materials.

Firstly, DON’T underestimate your squeezer

Squeezers are a perfect to use the same way a broom is. So not on a wet floor to scoop up the excess water but on a dry floor which makes it super easy to collect the pet hair and dust. 

The sweeper & funnel dust pan

The curves make for easy scooping and sweeping. So that means that no more annoying lines left behind the pan. The neat element is the hollow handle, which means you can dispose of your evidence without dropping anything. Well…maybe, hopefully.

The Frenchie – table crumber set

The crumber set – might seem like something you’d keep stored in your drawer and never use but it’s pretty handy and looks very professional too. You can use it for you kitchen counters for after you’ve cut that loaf of bread and the crumbs are all over the place. You can also leave it close to the dining table when you have company over – just in case something is spilt, you know!

Brushes & brooms


Brushes are not commonly used in Malta, yet abroad they can’t do without them. How about we put them to the test? Brushes are useful when it comes to getting to those tight corners, you get to reach the areas in which dust tends to accumulate, really well.

When it comes to brooms, think witch brooms – they are back, literally! These brooms might seem like something out of “Bewitched” but you will use this. You can use it as your squeezer or replace your usual broom. If not, you can use it for your garden or front paths.

The vintage low push brooms are fantastic, they never let you down. If you care for these properly they will last a very long time and will do the job.

Care for your bristles

  • Immerse bristles of the brush or broom in soapy water
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Shake any remaining water off
  • Allow to dry at room temperature
  • Finish by combing the bristles