Tips for Yacht Maintenance

By November 5, 2015 Uncategorized
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Maintenance is a must for any yacht owner. Seawater, the sun and other things can all be very harmful to your yacht. To help you, we’ve put together a list of yacht maintenance tips that you will want to keep in mind to help your yacht run smoothly.

Know Your Yacht

Many times, damage to a yacht could have easily been prevented ifit was spotted during a thorough inspection.. Getting familiar with your yacht, by inspecting it on a regular basis, will help prevent future damage. Inspection is a great way to learn more about your yacht, making it easier for you to spot anything that might look a bit different. Check everything from loose fittings to fraying ropes, and make sure that nothing is overlooked. Regularly checking over your yacht can help prevent big problems in the future.

Keep Your Electrics Dry

It’s important to make sure that all electrical components are dry. Wet electrical components can corrode your electrical system and severely harm your yacht. Electrical components can be kept dry by using corrosion inhibitor, water-repellant or non-conductive grease.

Take Care of Your Motor

It is good practice to flush out your engine after each outing. Apart from this it’s important to check fuel clamps and tanks on the fuel line to make sure that they’re free from any rust or damage. Keep an eye on oil levels along with its cleanliness and proper filtration. Don’t forget to change your oil! Although this normally depends on the size of your engine, a good rule of thumb is to change it every 100 hours or once a year. As mentioned previously fully inspecting your yacht, and taking care of your motor means that any potential damage can be dealt with before the problem gets too big.

Don’t Forget the Battery

Always make sure that your battery is fully and properly charged. Keep your battery clean and don’t forget to check for dampness and dirt since they can harm your battery and reduce its longevity.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your yacht is one of the most important parts of yacht maintenance. Having a clean yacht doesn’t just create a pleasant on-board environment but it also helps to counteract any possible long-term effects such as saltwater corrosion. Not a fan of cleaning your yacht? Why not give Briiz a call to help you with all your yacht cleaning needs?