The Top 10 House Chores Everybody Hates

By June 14, 2017 Entertainment
unmade bed - chores everyone hates

There are many things in life most people can relate to, one of which is the utter abomination of house chores.

These same people are stupefied upon hearing one of their friends confessing how they enjoy doing house chores, exclaiming that ‘House chores can actually be fun!’

So to all those who can relate to this situation, here’s our very own list of the top 10 house chores that everybody hates!

 1. Making the bed

This chore makes it at the top of the list for many reasons. First of all, it’s something you have to do in the morning. So while you’re still attempting to gather your senses, you are made to go round the bed like a fool, constantly pulling and tucking the sheets till they are of equal length on both sides.

And just when you’re done playing ‘iz-zunzana ddur ddur’ and you think you have done a really good job, in comes your mother and takes it all apart, complaining that the sheets were too wrinkled. Thanks Mum.

Making The Bed House Chores Everybody Hates

2. Dusting

Dusting is the ultimate hay fever experience. Half of the time spent on dusting is spent on sneezing and rubbing your eyes, and the other half is spent wondering if you’re actually picking up dust or just moving it around.

If that wasn’t bad enough, most of the dust you were supposed to pick up has ended up on the floor, which means you’ve just given yourself another chore to do. Bring on the bucket and the mop for another 3 hours of washing the floor.

Why is opening the windows in Malta a harbinger of a desert storm?

Dusting Meme House Chores Everybody Hates

3. Doing the laundry

So it’s finally Friday and you can’t wait to go home and start off your weekend, but come Saturday morning and you realise you have a mountain of laundry waiting for you. So you end up faced with a dilemma regarding which part of the day you are going to dedicate to washing, hanging and folding your laundry, not forgetting that you might need to put in two loads; one for the whites, and the other for coloured clothes.

And if you’re living with your roommate who also happens to have another mound of dirty clothes to go in the wash, you might as well call it a date and spend the day doing laundry.

The Weekend Is Here The Top 10 House Chores

4. Ironing

This is a seemingly easy task to do and does not require much labour however, on the other hand, it is probably one of the most boring and “yawn-inducing” activities in the world. That is, unless you enjoy standing upright and repeating the same motions over and over again like a robot while steam is being blown in your face.

Ironing Meme Top 10 House Chores

5. Cleaning the Kitchen after you cook

Where do I even start? A little cooking can cause so much chaos. Even when you prepare the simplest of meals, it ends up looking like a bunch of ogres threw a feast in your kitchen while you were away. So after your enjoy your meal you end up having to clean and scrub the counter tops, sweep the floor from crumbs and other bits and pieces of food, wash, dry and put away the dishes, etc. How does the cleaning take longer than the cooking and the eating combined?

Crumbs Everywhere House Chores Everybody Hates

6. Vacuuming the car

Whilst washing the car might actually be fun, with you switching up the radio and having a hose in one hand and a sponge in the other, reenacting the car wash scene from ‘Bad Teacher’ and failing miserably, vacuuming the interior of a car is an entirely different story. It is a story that basically consists of sweating, swearing, bumping your head against the roof, and getting frustrated when you can’t reach every nook and cranny. And all the while you’re telling yourself how you will never again allow the situation to get this bad before you do something about it.

But before you know it, you’re the designated driver on a night out drinking with your friends, who stops by a McDonald’s drive through on your way home and your drunk friend manages to somehow drop her fries, (which are coated in ketchup), all over your newly cleaned tapestry, and being the considerate friend that she is, she reaches down to pick it up, spilling her coke in the process. And before you know it, your car is restored to its former jungle glory.

Dude Stop I Just Cleaned My Car Top 10 House Chores

7. Vacuuming the house

If vacuuming the car was a challenge, I don’t know what vacuuming a house is. Make it three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room – and oh did I mention that you have to end with cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself?

Vaccum Cleaner House Chores Everybody Hates

8. Scrubbing the shower and the toilet

First of all scrubbing the toilet = no comment. Second of all, technically speaking, doesn’t the shower/bath get washed every time it’s used? Just kidding … maybe. 

dirty bath y u no clean yourself meme

9. Cleaning up after your pets

How many times has your animal friend decided to leave a souvenir on the kitchen floor, just a few steps away from the litter? It is these moments where you stop and ask yourself for that brief second, ‘why do I even have this living organism in my home?’

Cleaning Up After Your Pets Top 10 House Chores

10. Taking out the trash

Although it is something that takes literally about 2 minutes to do, it is a chore that is abhorred by many. For many hypochondriacs especially, taking out the trash is life-threatening. It is a race from the kitchen to the front door, whereby one grabs the bag by his fingertips and dashes through the corridor to get rid of as if it were a container of nuclear waste. And afterwards, darts to the toilet to dispense a pound of soap onto his hands, and rubs them frantically like Lady Macbeth in Act 5 Scene 1.

Lady Macbeth Washing Her Hands Top 10 House Chores

But then, there are always those who decide to throw on some shades, lie down on a deckchair in the sun, with a glass of fresh homemade lemonade in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other, and make that one phone call which will save them all the trouble. 

I Got 99 Chores And I Aint Done None House Chores Everybody Hates

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