Top 5 Boat Maintenance Tools

By April 24, 2015 Boat, Interior, Maintenance, Tips

There are various tools you need to have handy in order to be able to maintain your boat should the need arise, however some are more essential than others. Here are our Top 5 Boat Maintenance Tools:


Have a good pair of pliers to hand which are non-corroding and can handle being exposed to saltwater. On a boat, pliers have multiple uses – they’re great to have if you need to do a minor repair while out at sea. Further to that, if you’re one for a spot of fishing, you can use them to unhook whatever you’ve caught. We recommend in investing in a pair which come with line cutters if possible.

Socket Set

Should you need to change a fuel filter or repair the hatch on a latch somewhere on your boat, these are always a good idea to have around. Get one with multiple pieces so you can use it for numerous applications. If you own a small boat, you’ll do just fine with an 11-piece set which will still give you options yet save space.


Invest in a heavy duty multi-tool which can withstand corrosion. Many multi-tools available on the market come with extras such as files or scrapers. These aren’t found in a standard toolkit, however you never know how you may need such tools when you’re out on your boat.

Wrenches and Screwdrivers

Need to replace a light or fuse block? You’ll need a wrench and a screwdriver for that. These are essential tools for doing small jobs such as these. Get one in a waterproof, floating box if possible – they’re normally small and won’t take up much space even on a little boat.

Flashlight or Marine Light

Even if you don’t plan to ever use your boat after sunset, you never know what eventuality may arise. It is absolutely crucial to have a flashlight or marine light aboard any vessel, not least years. Ensure you have a working one should you need it for boat maintenance or even navigation when it’s dark. Keep spare batteries handy too.