Wrapping – Dos and Don’ts

By December 20, 2017 Tips
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Gift wrapping might be a joy for some and a chore for others. Let’s face it, some people don’t even bother doing so and some can’t even appreciate the time and thought that goes into wrapping properly.

Yet, if you stop to think about it, there’s an art to it. Sometimes the simpler the better. These are a few tips on how to nail simple and meaningful wrapping for the coming festive season and for throughout the year.

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  1. Give yourself time

You need both time and patience when it come to wrapping. Even though it might look

easy, it’s not. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Along with a pinch of time and patience what you also need are some (if not a whole lot of) resources.

You’ll be surprised at the rate at which string and other accessories are used up.

Therefore, you want to wrap your presents ahead of time.

If you want to experiment make sure you’re leaving yourself enough wiggle time too, and buy extra resources in case it doesn’t go to plan the first time.



  1. Get helpers

If  you have to pack quite a lot of presents – be it for a birthday, event or Christmas – make sure there’s something the whole family or other friends can help with.

Even if they’re just helping with the tags, cutting the ribbon or paper in equal lengths, whilst you take care of the wrapping. The little things often take the most time.


  1. InspirationChristmas gifts

If you’re using to packing in the same old way and want to spice it up a little all you need to do is search around you for a bit of inspiration.

Go to a museum, local art shop or your favorite café with a magazine and soak it all in. You might also just want to go to the decor shop or haberdashery, and see what’s new there.

You might also want to look at some videos done by professional wrappers, or Pinterest for more.

  1. Go for bold

If you’re used to keeping your wrapping simple, stepping it up might be going for metallics. You’ll still be getting classic and simple results, with solid colour wrapping or sparkly bows…just in a bolder way!


  1. Think differently

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If your wrapping is going to change you’re going to have to change the way you think about it.

It has to become a multi-sensory experience. It’s not simply about the gift looking good, it has to feel, smell and sound good too.

Add little golden bells, or a couple of twigs of rosemary or magnolia leaves to add another dimension to it. You might also want to go for battery-operated fairy lights, for under the Christmas tree. End with a spritz of perfume.

Do this to tingle the senses and make it a personal experience.


  1. Always check for Price Tags

The must when wrapping is to see that all price tags have been removed or prices blocked out if you’re not removing the tag.

Always check, there might be more than one stuck around your present.

  1. Tissue paper

There is so much that can be done with tissue paper. If you’re not using it for the actual wrapping of the item, you might just want to have a few tucked around the present and coming out of the present bag for a softer touch.

  1. TapeChristmas Gift


You will need two types. There’s the satiny, clear one that will camouflage into the actual wrapping. You will also need a roll of double-sided for the tricky spots.

  1. Scissors

You want to be using different scissors for paper and ribbon.

The texture of paper (especially when it is thick), can dull the blades which will then not allow you to create crisp edges for your ribbon.

  1. Kids

Get the kids to help and be creative with their own resources. Even if it’s messy and not as neat, at least it will be theirs.

Wrapping is a fun project and should remain so. Remember, if you mess up don’t stress – just start again.

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