Keeping your construction site clean

Site cleanliness is a key ingredient when it comes to work efficiency and safety! Keeping your work area clean is imperative and if it is not done properly it can create serious health and safety risks which will cost the whole work team time and money.

Following a few key steps will help in ensuring that your worksite will be clean and safe as can be!

Starting out

Firstly, you should always try and keep any entry/exit points clear. Just in case something happens, you should be able to exit the building without any problems.

Secondly, garbage or scraps of any kind should be immediately thrown out, never keep trash running around because at some point or another it is going to pile up and then it will become an even bigger problem! 

Do not allow your bins to be full up before being transported to be properly disposed of. Also, at the end of the day always try and quickly sweep up the place before leaving.

Always store items neatly. If you are not using a certain item do not leave it lying around, it will become a hazard for someone who is in a hurry or carrying heavy objects. This also counts for construction machinery. Always return the machinery to its original position when idle as to not clutter up the workplace!

Be Consistent in your cleaning Schedule!

Keeping your construction site clean, should also extend to the structures surrounding area!

Construction sites usually create debris which falls into gutters and drains, this will eventually lead to a series of problems on its own that will take time to fix. Of course, always try and keep debris to a minimum but if it is unavoidable try to implement sediment control devices around gutters and drains.

Having a cleanup crew will always be helpful when it comes to maintaining your work environment, and will also help with time management. Luckily, Briiz does such a thing.

Briiz are there for your daily household needs, but also excel when it comes to keeping your construction site clean!

Remember keeping a work environment clean will keep morale amongst the workers high!