Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Sale are part of Briiz’s Terms of Use and are additional terms by which all Users or guests abide when using the Service.


Payment terms
Bookings are charged upon completion of the service requested.

Only payments by the following credit cards are accepted: PayPal

Once a payment has been made and successfully processed, the booking will automatically be made with one of Briiz’s Washers.


Satisfaction policy
At Briiz, we stay behind our services. If you are not satisfied with the job, we will redo the entire package at no additional cost to you.

As long as you make your request within 24h from the booking time, we will make sure to send the vendor back for a complete redo.

Briiz does not refund the amount paid, but we do make sure we finish the cleaning per your satisfaction.


Promotional codes
Where members have a valid promotional code to redeem, they may use it towards the payment of their booking. Promotional codes are handed out by Briiz, at Briiz’s discretion, to groups of Users or individual Users via various means of communication, included but not limited to, newsletters and social media.

They may be redeemed directly at checkout, by entering the code in the field provided.


Rain Checks
Unfortunetly we realized we can’t control the mother nature. For that reason we do not offer any rain checks. Please make sure you check the weather before you book an appointment.


Once a booking is made, Users can cancel within 15 minutes for free. Then if the appointment is in less than 24 hours a full fee will be applied.

Moreover, a User may request a rescheduling of the booking and Briiz, to the extent the request is timely made, will contact the Washer to reschedule the car wash. A user may only reschedule a car wash once per booking.

Briiz is serious about customer satisfaction.

If there are any problems with your wash or an incorrect charge on your credit card email us at info@Briiz.com.mt


Clients are to remove all personal belongings, money etc.. OR briiz cleaners shall remove all items and belongings from vehicle and put in a sealable briiz bag and left on front seat.

Briiz will not accept liability for any loss or damage whilst briiz clean is undergoing.

Reserve the right to take debit/credit card details to secure booking.

All cleans & valets are decided and booked at owners own risk.

Engine cleaning consists of cleaning all engine compartment and components. There not liable for any engine function difficulty.

Before car leaves cleaning bay, it must be inspected by client. Problems/complaints after leaving the bay are not accepted.