Why you should start deep cleaning!

For many people, cleaning has become part of their routine in order to maintain a healthy living environment. Whether it would be in the comfort of your own home or in your workspace; clean living is the basis of a sustainable lifestyle. So why wait until springtime to find the time and energy to dedicate your life to a clean living environment? Get on board now! It is time for you to deep clean your surroundings.

What is deep cleaning?

You might have heard of a different type of deep cleaning which your dentist could have told you about. In this case, we are definitely not talking about dental hygiene but about the cleanliness of your living quarters or office.

Deep cleaning is very thorough, and detailed cleaning in which moving of furniture is part of the process to be able to reach all the hidden areas. It usually involves getting rid of any stains and finds all surfaces that can get skipped more easily when doing your basic cleaning.

What is the difference between basic and deep cleaning?

We support regular basic cleaning as it contributes to healthy surroundings. However, basic sanitizing will not cover all areas and is therefore not sufficient to maintain healthy hygiene in your living surroundings.

There are a couple of differences between basic and deep cleaning. In basic cleaning, the focus lies on scrubbing to remove dirt that is visible to the eye. Deep cleaning focuses on cleaning even the dirt and the areas that are not always visible. Think for example about the surfaces that are covered by your washing machine or fridge. During a deep clean, these household appliances will be moved in order to reach these hidden spaces and get rid of the germs! A thorough deep clean will also focus on washing the curtains, scrubbing the inside of your oven and microwave, and soaking both your windows and window frames.

Understanding the importance of deep cleaning

As mentioned before, most people tend to schedule time in their weeks to clean their living space regularly. However, when it comes to the hard-to-reach or hidden areas these get skipped more easily. The fact that they’re more common to skip makes for them to build up a lot of bacteria which can be harmful. 

Cleaning your house or work area is beneficial for your health in general. Research has shown that it is not only helpful for your immune system but also can help reduce allergies and asthma, improve your energy levels, and reduce stress. A deep clean focuses on all is convenient as it removes the hard-to-tackle areas and chores you might be dreading, which makes it easier for you to keep your basic home hygiene at a high level!

When and why perform a deep clean?

Obviously, the less furniture there is in the house, the easier it is to perform a deep clean. It is therefore recommended to plan a deep clean when you are moving into a new home. Don’t worry, even if you are already living in your home you want to get deep cleaned, our professionals are ready to tackle any challenge. After an initial deep clean, it would be smart to plan upkeep for this. We would suggest you do this once or twice a year while remaining your basic cleaning as well.

You can get into deep cleaning your home yourself or find a specialized company to help you do so. If you are looking for professional help to deep clean your living area or working environment, get in touch now!